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Roller or Mushroom

Range of Roller or Mushroom multipoint locks

Brand: Avocet
Avocet Multi point lock 1 Piece Latch, Deadbolt, And 4 Roller Mechanism OPERATION: Lift Lever Or Double Spindle NightlatchADDITIONAL INFORMATION:Distance Between Inner Rollers - 1572mm Distance Between Outer Rollers - 383mm KMB/WMS Multipoint Locks..
Ex Tax:£32.00
Brand: Ferco
1 piece, latch and 4 rollers mechanismOPERATION Lift LeverADDITIONAL INFORMATIONDistance between outer rollers - 1410mm Distance between inner rollers - 460mm 28mm or 35mm backsets are available (Measure from the front of the lockcase to the centre of spindle hole) ..
Ex Tax:£66.02
Brand: Ferco
The FERCO lever operated multipoint lock with 1 deadbolt and 2 roller bolts is usually used in Munster Joinery applications.16mm Faceplate Often used on Munster Joinery Doors Euro Profile Lock Case Latch Only Single Spindle Backset: 35mm Centres: 70mm..
Ex Tax:£51.98
Brand: Fuhr
This Fuhr 855 Type 1 multipoint is a 1 piece mechanism consisting of a latch, deadbolt and 4 rollers16mm Faceplate Euro Profile Lock Case Latch & Deadbolt Key Wind 4 Rollers Latch and Deadbolt 92mm Centres 35mm BacksetOPERATION: Latch reversal - Push latch bac..
Ex Tax:£82.98
Brand: Fuhr
Latch and Deadbolt4 Rollers 16mm Faceplate Euro profile lockcase 92mm CentresOPERATION:Locking: Lift lever to engage locking mechanisms and then one full turn of the cylinder to lockUnlocking: One full turn of the key then push down on lever to relea..
Ex Tax:£40.76
This lever operated latch & deadbolt multipoint lock from GU features a Euro profile lock case, a single spindle, a 16mm wide faceplate and 4 additional roller locking pointsBacksets Available - 28mm 35mm 40mm 45mm & 55mm  (measure from face to centre of spindle hole) Spindle c..
Ex Tax:£33.58
1 piece, latch, deadbolt and 4 rollersBacksets Available - 35mm Spindle centres 92mm Case Height: 195mm Case Width: 50mm Faceplate Width: 16mmOPERATIONLift lever Lift Handle To Engage Locking Points, Turn Key To Actuate Centre Deadbolt And Locking The Handle Out.L..
Ex Tax:£55.00
The GU Fercomatic Automatic Latch & Deadbolt multipoint lock system, with 2 rollers, has locking points which engage every time the door is shut.16mm Faceplate 70mm Centre Engages the locking points automatically every time the door is shut Euro Profile Lock Case 2 Rollers ..
Ex Tax:£63.00
Split SpindleBottom Shootbolt Attached 16mm Faceplate Backset: 35mm Centres: 92mm Latch Reversal: Push flat bladed screwdriver into small rectangular slot above spindle and pull latch out at the same time..
Ex Tax:£45.06
Brand: Kenrick
This Kenrick lock features 4 rollers and a double spindle nightlatch function as well as a central hookFlat 16mm - Square Ends Bachset: 35mmSize:Centres: 92mm/62mm Case height: 225mm Case depth: Backset + 15mm Overall length: 2300mm Distance between outer rollers: 1430m..
Ex Tax:£45.00
Brand: KFV
Complete with 4 rollers and key wind operationSingle Spindle 16mm Faceplate Euro Profile Lock Case Latch & Deadbolt Keywind Operation 4 Rollers Latch and Deadbolt 16mm Faceplate 92mm Centres Case Height: 198mm Case Width: 39mm Backset: 25, 35 or 45mmOPERATIO..
Ex Tax:£116.00
Brand: Lockmaster
Lever operated latch & deadbolt multipoint lock by Lockmaster with a twin spindle and 4 rollers.Twin Spindle 16mm Faceplate Euro Profile Lock Case Latch & Deadbolt Backset: 35mm Centres: 92/62..
Ex Tax:£40.00
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