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Fire Safes

Fire Cupboard Safes, Chubb Fire Safes, Flame Retardent Document Wallets

Brand: Chubbsafes
With a range of sizes and locking types available, the fire and burglary resistant S2 30P range of Chubbsafes are ideal for home and office security. They have a £4,000 cash rating, making them a secure storage place for cash and valuable items, such as passports, deeds and cheques, and they feature..
Ex Tax:£395.00
Brand: Chubbsafes
The Homevault S2 Plus burglary and fire dual protection safe from Chubbsafes is perfect to secure home valuables. Available in a choice of key locking or electronic locking versions across three sizes, the Homevault S2 Plus has a cash rating of £4,000 and is double wall construction filled with a fi..
Ex Tax:£385.00
Brand: Masterlock
The Master Lock 5900 Safe Space™ Portable Safe is a unique and leightweight security solution, which offers both portable and practical security for personal belongings. The 5900 has a durable high impact ABS construction to keep valuables safe from theft and damage, and is easy to use when travelli..
Ex Tax:£40.00
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