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Padlocks and Chain

Squire 3536 Padlock & Chain, Sliding Shackle Padlock and Chain Set, Padlock and Chain Sets, Combination Chain Lock

Brand: Asec
Anvil style sliding shackle padlock complete with a 1.5 metre heavy duty chain covered in in a nylon protective sheaf. Ideal for locking motorbikes and external items. It also comes with a handy draw string carry bag Supplied with an 85mm sliding shackle Supplied with a 1.5 metre chain Com..
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Brand: Squire
Squire 3536 Padlock and Chain comprises of a laminated steel padlock with hardened steel sprung shackle, and a 900mm length hardened steel chain. Laminated steel padlock with hardened steel sprung shackle 900mm hardened steel chain..
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Brand: Squire
The Squire Straplok Combi 10 is a lightweight zip-tie style combination lock perfect for short term security in low risk areas, such as a visit to a cafe with your bike. It's core is stainless steel and this is encased in anti scratch plastic with rubber grip. The combination has 3 wheels and a 450m..
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