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Electro Magnetic Closers

Overhead Door Closer With Swing Free & Hold Open Facility, Electro Magnetic Hold Open Door Closers, Hold Open Electromagnetic Door Closers


Brand: Geofire
The Agrippa door closer learns the sound of your specific fire alarm, releasing the door in the event of a fire. This new innovation in the industry is also wire free, so it can easily be retrofitted to any door. The releasing trigger reacts to a particular sound rather than simply a loud noise, sig..
Ex Tax:£305.00
Designed and manufactured in the UK, this 600 door closer series from Arrow represents the ultimate in fire door safety and ease of access. The 600 series can be configured as either hold open or free swing access and will automatically close upon detection of a fire (if correctly connected to the b..
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Brand: Asec
The Asec E-Mag is suitable for use where low opening forces are required, such as care homes, hospitals or where the Equality Act is a consideration. This closer is power size 4 which, when fitted in swing free mode, allows the door to be opened with no resistance from the closer. However, when the ..
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Brand: Briton
Site selectable hold-open or 'swing-free' operation Convenient, dual-function suits individual doorset requirements Separate latch action and closing speed adjustment Precise, total accuracy for safe, reliable operation Regular and Parallel arm variants Fully certified to EN1155, EN163..
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Brand: Dorma
The ED100 LE swing door operator from Dorma is low energy solution to suit for both single and double-leaf applications. This energy saving door operator can be activated when necessary by way of a push pad and operated as a conventional manual swing door in all other cases. The modular design makes..
Ex Tax:£1,500.00
Brand: Dorma
Tested to EN1154 & specially designed for internal doors TS73 EMF features an electro magnetic hold open unit for fire doors linked to a fire alarm system Universal solution for doors of different designs & style Simple installation Mfr Ref: TS73EMF OPTION: Standard Ar..
Ex Tax:£235.00
Brand: Dorma
Basic Cover to suit the ED100 LE low energy swing door operator from dormakaba (formerly known as Dorma). The modular design of the ED100 LE makes it easy to replace parts (rather than the whole unit) should the need arise. Basic Cover to suit the Dorma ED100 LE Swing Door Operator..
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Brand: Dorma
The dormakaba ED100 LE XEA is a low energy electromechanical swing door operator suitable for use on emergency escape routes as well as on fire and smoke check doors. Tested to 1,000,000 cycles this modular unit is suitable for both single and double leaf doors up to a weight of 160kg and a maximum ..
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Brand: Dorma
The dormakaba ED XEA is an improved design slide channel set for use with the ED100 LE XEA low energy swing door operator. Suits the dormakaba ED100 LE XEA low energy swing door operator Improved design push & pull slide channel set..
Ex Tax:£87.16
Brand: Dorma
The dormakaba ED225 XEA is an improved design standard arm for use with the ED100 LE XEA low energy swing door operator. Suits the dormakaba ED100 LE XEA low energy swing door operator Improved design standard arm..
Ex Tax:£87.16
The Union CE4F-E electromagnetic door closer is a dual-function solution that can be set to one of two modes: hold-open or free swing. When in hold-open mode, the CE4F-E allows people to walk through the doorway without opening the door, offering the ultimate barrier-free solution. This makes it ide..
Ex Tax:£150.00
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