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Cockspur Handle Fitting Wedge, Roto Timber Flat Casement Window Lock Strike, Titon Derwent Cockspur Handle Keep

Cockspur Handle Fitting Wedge Cockspur Handle Fitting Wedge
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Plastic wedges used when fitting Cockspur Window Handles.Available in a range of sizes Can be used on all window types and profilesDepth Options: 3mm 5mm 6mm 8mm..
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Brand: Maco
Turn restrictor can be fitted to exsisting tilt and turn gearing and is generally fitted to the top corner element. When you operate the handle to move the tilted window into the turn position the restrictor will block the locking cams, stopping the window from entering the turn position. T..
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Brand: Roto
A screw fixed flat casement strike for timber window applications.For timber applications Ribbed back for stable installation Metal construction..
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Brand: Sashstop
The product has been developed for ease, and convenience whilst offering security and reassurance to the end-user. It is often referred to as the underarm, or under-handle  The SASHSTOP Window Jammer is quick and easy to install and provides additional security for windows. It features quick r..
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Brand: Titon
Designed for the Titon Select Cockspur HandleNight Vent Finish: White Brown or Silver Length: 65mm Depth: 16mm..
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The Union J-1144-F Bolt Through Fixing Pack is for use with handles, letter plates EtcFinish: Anodised Aluminium Diameter: 4mm Head: 8mm Lenght: 55mm..
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