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Safe Lever Locks

Gun Cabinet Locks, 7 Lever Safe Locks, Mauer Safe Locks, MOT Slam Locks 

Brand: Asec
A popular style of safe lock to suit a variety of floor and wall safes. This lock has a 3 way key entry option & has pre drilled holes in the deadbolt.Key Retaining 7 Lever Mechanism Supplied with 2 keysSize:Bolt Throw: 11mm Case Height: 81.5mm Case Width: 61mm Scre..
Ex Tax:£28.00
7 Lever MechanismBackset: Vertical 28mm or Horizontal 34mm Keyway: Vertical or Horizontal Finish: Zink Plated Keys: 2 Size 82 x 60 x 16mm..
Ex Tax:£17.00
This 8 Lever Safe Lock from Lowe & Fletcher features attack resistant levers and it has a die cast/pressed steel construction. It is supplied with a 115mm key with over 80,000 differs and it is available for either right or left hand applications.Uses 115mm key Without key guide pin D..
Ex Tax:£41.46
7 Lever sprung latchbolt, key to unlock Keyway: Vertical Backset: 28mm Differs: 1600 Designed for use with MOT safesSIZE: 81 x 60 x 17mm..
Ex Tax:£18.48
7 Lever safe lock from Lowe & Fletcher with reinforced fixing hole spacers and anti-pick levers.Deadbolt is locked or unlocked by key from one side only 1600 Locking combinations Head dimensions (W x H x D): 60.3 x 81 x 16.5mm Backset: 28mm..
Ex Tax:£22.28
Brand: Mauer
Mauer Praetor Safe Lock 2 Double - bit 120mm keys, high-stength brass, nickel-plated Mechanism: 11 Levers Backset: 57mmFEATURES: Galvanised Steel Construction Key Retaining in Unlocked Position Standard Footprint Differs: 60,000,000 ..
Ex Tax:£71.84
Brand: Mauer
Mauer President Safe LockMechanism: 8 Levers Approximately 280,000 differs Backset: 57mmFEATURES:Galvanised Steel Construction Key Retaining in Unlocked Position Standard Footprint Keys: 90mm LongSIZE: 86 x 60 x 21mm..
Ex Tax:£44.41
Brand: STUV
STUV Safe Lock with a die cast zinc construction. The lock is supplied with 2 keys (either 60mm or 90mm keys) and it has an 11m bolt throw.Pre-determined breaking point at the key pin to prevent lock extraction Die cast zinc bolt & case Key retaining - key removal only when locked 1..
Ex Tax:£33.00
Available in three applications:- Down shoot, side shoot and up shoot NB: Replacement for Era 771/2/3 laminated safe locks 24.5mm backset to centre of drill pin. 10mm bolt throw. Zinc passivated finish steel laminated case. 7 brass lever mechanism.SIZE: ..
Ex Tax:£30.00
The Walsall S1310SNF is a latch action, key retaining 6 lever safe lock which comes with a 18.5mm nozzle and flange fixing.118mm flange for bolt fixing Key retaining Slam latch Supplied with 2 keys Nozzle & FlangedSize:Case Height: 81.5mm - 118mm flange Case Width: ..
Ex Tax:£39.75
The Walsall S1774-96 is a multi purpose 3 way key entry 7 lever safe lock with a laminated body.Keyway to suite Up, Down and Across Supplied with 2 keys Multi keywaySize:Case Height: 58.7mm Case Width: 76.3mm Backset: 24.5mm Bolt Throw: 8.5mm..
Ex Tax:£24.98
The Walsall S1310S is a latch action, key retaining 6 lever safe lock. 6 Lever sprung latchbolt, key to unlock Backset: 28mm Designed for use with MOT safesSIZE: 81.5mm x 61.5mm..
Ex Tax:£27.63
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