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Bond It Expanding Foam, Bond It Saves Nails, Bond It Sealant Gun

Brand: Bond It
Improves draught and heat insulation. Fitted with new, unique valve which allows for multi-directional use. Ideal for window setting (where a clean and controlled backfill is required), entrance door linings, any kind of small break-throughs in walls and other cavities. High yield up to 30..
Ex Tax:£11.27
Brand: Bond It
An instant grab, non-slumping, multi-purpose building adhesive with gap-filling properties that will bridge gaps up to 12mm. Suitable for interior and exterior use on most common building materials including brick, ceramics, glass, metals, plaster, plastics, wood and stone. Replaces mechanic..
Ex Tax:£4.89
Brand: Bond It
An economy sealent gun for use with cartridge products Hexagonal drive bar for improved control Anti-drip release feature..
Ex Tax:£5.18
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