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Ferco Multipoint 70mm Centre Latch Only 4 Roller, Ferco Munster Joinery Lever Operated Latch Deadbolt 2 Roller, Ferco Tripact Multipoint Latch Deadbolt 2 Small Hook, GU A Opener Electric Multipoint Lock 2 Deadlocks

Brand: Ferco
1 piece, latch and 4 rollers mechanismOPERATION Lift LeverADDITIONAL INFORMATIONDistance between outer rollers - 1410mm Distance between inner rollers - 460mm 28mm or 35mm backsets are available (Measure from the front of the lockcase to the centre of spindle hole) ..
Ex Tax:£66.02
Brand: Ferco
The FERCO lever operated multipoint lock with 1 deadbolt and 2 roller bolts is usually used in Munster Joinery applications.16mm Faceplate Often used on Munster Joinery Doors Euro Profile Lock Case Latch Only Single Spindle Backset: 35mm Centres: 70mm..
Ex Tax:£51.98
Brand: Ferco
Tripact 1 piece, latch, deadbolt and 2 small hooksOPERATION  Lift LeverADDITIONAL INFORMATION This version replaces original latch only design with the centre bar running behind the faceplate Distance between hooks - 1765mm Backset: 40 or 50mm ..
Ex Tax:£51.69
Brand: Ferco
Automatically locks when the door is closedSingle Spindle Euro Profile Lock Case 16mm or 20mm Faceplate Latch & Deadbolt Keywind Operation Panic function in escape direction as a standard Approved to EN179/EN1125 when used with suitable hardware Tested for resistance class R..
Ex Tax:£253.19
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