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Ferco Multipoint 70mm Centre Latch Only 4 Roller, Ferco Munster Joinery Lever Operated Latch Deadbolt 2 Roller, Ferco Tripact Multipoint Latch Deadbolt 2 Small Hook, GU A Opener Electric Multipoint Lock 2 Deadlocks

Brand: Ferco
A single spindle, latch only multipoint lock with 4 rollers and 70mm centres Euro profile lock case A - Lift lever to engage locking mechanisms and then one full turn of the cylinder to lock. One full turn of the key then push down on the lever to unlock 16mm Faceplate Single Spindle L..
Ex Tax:£66.02
Brand: Ferco
The FERCO lever operated multipoint lock with 1 deadbolt and 2 roller bolts is usually used in Munster Joinery applications. 16mm Faceplate Often used on Munster Joinery Doors Euro Profile Lock Case Latch Only Single Spindle Backset: 35mm Centres: 70mm..
Ex Tax:£51.98
Brand: Ferco
Tripact 1 piece, latch, deadbolt and 2 small hooks OPERATION  Lift Lever ADDITIONAL INFORMATION This version replaces original latch only design with the centre bar running behind the faceplate Distance between hooks - 1765mm Backset: 40 or 50mm LATCH REVERSAL..
Ex Tax:£66.69
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