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Personal Attack Alarms

Man Down Alarm, Gas Personal Attack Alarm, Cordless Personal Attack Alarm, Triple Action Personal Attack Alarm


Portable & powerful oval shaped LED personal alarm from Bee-Secure.130db alarm Flashing LED light Supplied with keyring Pulling the pin from the unit causes it to release a loud alarm Lightweight and portable Battery: 4x LR44..
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Portable & powerful triangular shaped LED personal alarm from Bee-Secure with flashing LED light and 120db alarm, which is activated by pulling the pin from the unit.120db alarm Flashing LED light Supplied with keyring Pulling the pin from the unit causes it to release a loud alarm ..
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Iristag Multi Purpose Wireless Device Tracker Iristag Multi Purpose Wireless Device Tracker
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Brand: Iristag
The new Iristag makes losing your valuables a thing of the past. Simply attach the tag to valuables such as bags, suitcases or even children and never lose track of them again. The location of whatever you have tagged can be quickly discovered when accessing the app on your smartphone, this brings u..
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Brand: Sure24
The Man Down Alarm has been designed as a low cost solution to protect lone or remote site workersThe Alarm sounds and calls for assistance if the wearer becomes incapacitated through injury, ill health or toxic emissions etc The alarm senses the users movements and after a period of immobi..
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Brand: Sure24
The Sure24 SG100T Personal Attack Alarm is a portable device which features a sturdy carry clip on the reverse, designed to attach the alarm to clothing or as a wrist cord for carrying. It is also supplied with a wall mounting bracket if the alarm is to be fixed to a specific area. The ear piercing ..
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Brand: Sure24
The TRIDENT triple action personal alarm has been specially designed so that upon activation not only does it produce an ear piercing 138 decibel sound output, it also releases a repelling odour (bad smell) and an ultraviolet tracer (invisible dye to the naked eye)These three features act to help th..
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Brand: Sure24
Personal Attack Alarm Cordless 120dB Cordless No Cables Ideal Medical Profession / Retail Key Ring Attachment Activation: Pressure Activation Siren: 120dB Battery: 12v Supplied Colour: Ebony Guarantee: 10 Years Approvals: CE Certified Dimensio..
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Brand: Sure24
Unique Sure Gas Key Ring Alarm is small and compact, yet has a sound output in excess of 138 decibels. It is designed to be attached to a key ring so that it is always accessible for use in the event of an attack. The Alarm will sound for as one minute when operated continuously.The top of ..
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TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Device Black TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Tracking Device Black
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Brand: TracR Bravo
The TrackR Pixel is an extra small and lightweight Bluetooth tracking device which will ring and light up in order to help locating missing items. The Pixel can also make your phone ring even when it's set to silent mode and the LED lights flash brightly to provide a visual indication, even in dark ..
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