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Brand: Asec
Drawer or cabinet lock with a twin fixing back plate, and hook Suitable for tambour doors 200 Differs/Combinations 22mm Nozzle length 16mm Diameter 32mm Fixing Hole Centres  ..
Ex Tax:£7.34
Brand: Asec
Asec lockable hasp is an ideal alternative to a hasp and staple fitted with a padlock, it is a far more attractive offering and ideally suited for use on furniture such as office cupboards. The key can be removed in either the locked or unlocked position, it is easy to fit and comes complete with 2 ..
Ex Tax:£8.85
Brand: Asec
Screw fixed pedestal lock with single screw fix. Suitable for wooden furniture 40mm actuator arm 19mm (Body) x 16mm (Barrel) Movement: 180° Anti Clockwise..
Ex Tax:£8.74
Brand: Asec
Push fit cylindrical drawer / cabinet lock radius face 2 Keyed 180 Degree lock/unlocked..
Ex Tax:£5.71
Brand: Asec
Asec double flange furniture lock available with a horizontal or vertical fixing. Supplied complete with 2 keys 180º Key movement Furniture lock horizontal (Main Image) Vertical (2nd mage) Body Length: 19mm Head Shape: Round Fixing: Horizontal Head Diameter: 16.5mm..
Ex Tax:£9.32
Brand: Asec
This solid metal construction Budget Slam Lock from Asec is face fixing, easy to install and is supplied as either right handed or left handed. Four screw holes Face fixing Solid metal construction Available either right or left handed..
Ex Tax:£13.00
Brand: Cisa
The Cisa 72010 is an oval profile lock designed to secure metal filing cabinets. The cylinder is 44mm long and comes supplied with 2 keys. Nickel plated oval lock Keyed to differ Size: Height: 22mm Length: 44mm Width: 15mm..
Ex Tax:£25.15
Brand: Asec
 Lock Strike Plate is suitable for use with both Asec and Lowe & Fletcher Furniture Locks. 11.7mm High 40.4mm Long 11.3mm Wide..
Ex Tax:£2.00
Brand: Asec
Push fit cylindrical drawer / cabinet lock square face 51mm Pedestal Lock. Rectangular Head. Horseshoe Fix Standard Movement 3.200 Differs. Key Series: 18. Key Supplied: 2 Finish: NP Type: Furniture - Pin ..
Ex Tax:£5.71
Brand: Asec
Drawer or cabinet lock with a single fixing for narrow applications, cam cut away to suit locking bars SVS3 Anti Tilt Locking System 1 Wing Pedestal Lock Keys: 2..
Ex Tax:£6.79
Furniture rim lock from Lowe & Fletcher suitable for a range of applications including wooden furniture. Body length: 4.8mm 18 key series Suitable for wooden furniture 200 Locking combinations Head dimensions (W x H x D): 22 x 22 x 22mm Options: Key Differ (all locks hav..
Ex Tax:£10.17
This camlocking knob from Lowe & Fletcher is suitable for a range of applications Black Plastic Grip  Square Spinlde on Inside  2 Keys Supplied Body Diameter: 42mm Rose Diameter: 57mm..
Ex Tax:£26.95
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