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Digital Cam Locks

Asec 3 Digit Combination 20mm Nutfix Camlock, Borg Combination cam lock BL1100, Borg Digital Combination Cam Lock, Codelock CL1000 Battery Operated Digital Cabinet Lock, Lowe and Fletcher A099 Combination Cam Lock

Brand: Asec
A special combination camlock which can be unlocked by entering its 3 digit code.35mm Cam 3 Digit combination Camlock Body Depth: 20mm Nutfix..
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Brand: Codelocks
The CODELOCKS Kitlock KL1000 G3 Battery operated lock is designed for a variety of locker and cabinet applications. It uses 2 x AAA batteries and the battery can be changed from the front of the unit. Users can also choose between private mode which allows the lock to operate in a way that suits pri..
Ex Tax:£50.00
Brand: Codelocks
The CODELOCKS C50 MiniMech Lock is a light duty mechanical push-button lock with tubular latch, designed to suit low traffic internal applications such as individual offices and store rooms. The CL50 is an adaptable product with 3 choices of latch size, an optional hold-open function, and is suitabl..
Ex Tax:£50.00
Brand: Codelocks
This Kitlock KL1050 by Codelocks gives keyfree and codeless access to cabinets, cupboards, lockers and other forms of storage. It is a long life product, giving up to 15,000 openings using just 2 AAA batteries. It comes supplied with all fixings and fitting instructions, and is easy to install and u..
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Brand: Codelocks
This CODELOCKS Kitlock KL10 Mechanical Lock offers easy mechanical keyless access and is suitable for a variety of internal applications, including lockers, cabinets and cupboards. It is easy to install as part of a new or retrofit installation and comes with a straight cam, hex nut and screw. There..
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Brand: Codelocks
The CODELOCKS Kitlock KL15 mechanical combination lock is designed for a variety of locker and cabinet applications. The unit can be easily mounted with the surface trim plate or flush fitted for a sleek look. The KL15 Public is ideal for short term, multiple occupancy applications where the user en..
Ex Tax:£25.50
Brand: Securefast
Ideal for Schools, Hospitals, Care homes, Nursery's, Offices, WorkplacesPrivate Function - used where the same code will be repeatedly used - for example a pupil in a school or employee with the same locker Public Function - uses a single user code which will secure and open the locker lock..
Ex Tax:£45.00
Brand: Codelocks
Override key for Kitlock KL1000 G3 Battery Operated Digital Cabinet Lock..
Ex Tax:£42.50
2800 Combination Lock is a 4 wheel combination lock with up to 10,000 unique applications. The zinc die-cast construction has a powder coated finish and is fitted with a 45mm cam. The pin code can be set and changed quickly and easily with a simple button, and the innovative code finding function al..
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The LOWE & FLETCHER 3780 Digital Combination Lock is an easy to use and versatile digital code lock system, providing convenient access with no need for keys. It features a mechanical override lock, audible keypad and auto lock and unlock modes. The lock has the option for a 4-digit user code, 6..
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Brand: Lockey
This standalone battery operated lock allows the user immediate and simple keypad access without the need for a key. Users have the flexibility to set and change their personal entry code whilst a preset master code ensures that supervisor access is always available or in an emergency use the key ov..
Ex Tax:£56.83
Brand: Lockey
Mechanical push button with key override to suit cabinet, locker and cupboard doors. Ideal for use in gyms, staff lockers and medicine cabinets or anywhere else where increased security for stored items is required.To suit cabinet / cupboard doors from 2mm to 50mm thick Passage mode include..
Ex Tax:£35.00
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