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Digital Speaker Panel, Information Module, Speaker Module, Speaker Microphone

For use with hollow section panels (e.g. Vandal Resistant)Module only - Allows two way speech - Call lineis done through button on panel Requires: 520M Transformer (Power Supply Unit) Outside Operation: No Buttons - Module only Number of Cores: 2 From Tramsformer and 2 From Handset Re..
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The Videx 8836-1 1 button speaker microphone unit is an updated version of the similar 800 series units. It incorporates improved weather sealing and electronics to withstand even the harshest of environments. The 8836-1 modules will fit both the Videx 800 & 8000 series housings.To suit 8..
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Speaker unit module for front panelFor 3+1 Intercom systems Built in call tone generator Available with 1 call push buttons Requires 520M power supply (Supplied Separately) "M" type amplifiers are for electronic call tone phones only Size: Height 120mm x Width 97mm x Depth 29mm Al..
Ex Tax:£55.00
Videx S300-1 is a Vandal Resistant Digital Audio Panel, particularly suitable for use on larger systems with more than 20 apartments or offices. The S300-1 incorporates a caller style keypad, allowing the user to simply type in the required apartment / office number to which the call is to be direct..
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Information module modified for use with panel mount proximity readers from other manufacturers. Front is clear plastic and has facility for customers own graphics.Blue Back Lit Module with Transparent Cover For 4000 Series Housings Finish: Polished Stainless Steel Size: Height 120mm x ..
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Available with 0, 1 or 2 call push buttons12V AC Amplifier module for 3K series kits Size: 120mm Hight x 97mm Width x 29mm Depth 12V AC Amplifier module for 3K series kitsOPTIONSL15058 - 836M/0 -  Speaker amp for use with 3000 series handsets no buttons L15072 - 836M/1..
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