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Interlock Board, Rectifiers, Armoured Door Cable Loops, Bridge Rectifiers, junction Boxs, Inductive Coupling Power Transfers, Current Transfer Units, Test Reset Key
Brand: Asec
Versatile relay module from Asec with double pole change-over contact, which is suitable for doors and other applications such as controlling a DC locking device when using an AC based entry system.Double pole change-over contact Output - two volt free contacts Power input 12-28V AC/DC ..
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400m Door Loop with Plastic Ends 400m Door Loop with Plastic Ends
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Brand: Asec
A surface fit solution for transferring cables from a frame to a door, with a 400mm armoured cable and triangular plastic ends.Surface door loop Silver cable with white plastic ends 400mm cable length..
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Brand: Alpro
2 Door Interlock Controller - processor control prevents both doors opening at the same time. Firmware control of all logical functions.Dual Voltage - 12 or 24vDC. High Load Capacity - 5 amp double pole change over relay (1 powered output, 1 volt free) NO, NC, C - per door. ..
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Brand: Alpro
Maximum current load is 1 amp (1000 mA)Must be protected from moisture Only for use with product with maximum current load of 1 amp Enables electric strikes to operate with AC systems Input voltage range is 12-24V AC +/-15%Size:Depth: 20mm Height: 54mm Weight: 10g Wid..
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Brand: Asec
Armoured Door Loop from R & R SecurityDescription: Armoured Door Loop Finish: Satin AluminiumFEATURES:Large bore conduit will accept more than one cable Surface mounted 250mm in lengthVERSIONS:AS8005 - DL 450 Door Loop..
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Brand: Asec
Semi Conductor Bridge RectiferFinish : Black Converts AC Supply to DC Output Rated at 30VSizes:Height 28mm Overall Depth 20mm Overall Width 28mm..
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Brand: Asec
Suitable for Alarm & Telephone CableAvailable in 8 or 24 WaySizes:8 WayHeight: 65mm Width: 65mm Depth: 18mm 24 Way Height: 103mm Width: 128mm Depth: 53mm..
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Brand: Asec
The Asec Photocell D21 features a built in time delay circuit, meaning it will automatically turn light on at dusk and off at dawn whilst staying unaffected by sudden changes in light levels. It has been rated with IP55 weather resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use. Weather rated I..
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Brand: Era
This concealed loop from Era is designed for use with the Surefire electronic multipoint lock range and is concealed from sight between the door and frame.Used to transmit power to the door Item is concealed from sight within door & frameSize:Width 24mm Depth 17mm Lengt..
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Brand: Asec
The 308/5 Junction Box from Asec is made from thermoplastic polypropylene with a spacious bellied cover and comes supplied with all required fixings including a mounting clip for snap-on fixing. It is to be used for electrical installations and is ideal for use with the Lynteck range of lighting. Fo..
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