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Door Entry Accessories

Proximity Key Fobs, Rectifiers, Mini Buzzers, Internal Sounders, video 4 way splitters, Microlatch Transmitters Fob Wiegand and HID, Remote Transmitters, Transformers, Speaker Modules, Relays, Telephone Interface Units, Power Supply With Time Clocks, Desk Mount Kits

Brand: Abus
The proximity key is an optional accessory for contact-free arming and disarming of alarm panels, replacing code entry.Functions on a completely contact-free basis Several chip keys can be used with an alarm system (depending on the alarm panel) For arming/disarming the Secvest 2WAY and T..
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Brand: Alpro
Maximum current load is 1 amp (1000 mA)Must be protected from moisture Only for use with product with maximum current load of 1 amp Enables electric strikes to operate with AC systems Input voltage range is 12-24V AC +/-15%Size:Depth: 20mm Height: 54mm Weight: 10g Wid..
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Brand: Asec
Semi Conductor Bridge RectiferFinish : Black Converts AC Supply to DC Output Rated at 30VSizes:Height 28mm Overall Depth 20mm Overall Width 28mm..
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Brand: Asec
75dB Peak sounder with multiple applications.Ideal to warn of prolonged door open (PDO) Suitable as a sounder for most access control systems..
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Brand: Asec
Multiple option sounder, you can select a siren sound, pulsed sound or a continuous sound.Ideal to warn of door forced or other alarm condition Suitable as a sounder for most access control systems Sound Output 111DbSize:Height: 115mm Width: 115mm Depth: 33mm..
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Brand: Fermax
1412 additional monitor white 7" screen suitable for use with Waykit 1&2. Featuring a touch screen digital TFT colour monitor with a capacitive touch screen that facilitates an intuitive use.Measurements:Power required: DC 24~28V  Dimensions: (W) 225mm (H) 131mm (D) 18mm. Mon..
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The Portal Plus from Videx is a 2 door controller with TCP/IP, RS485 and Wiegand communication interface. This product is available either boxed or unboxed, with the boxed option being lockable and supplied complete with integrated power supply, 3 fused outputs and battery back up facility (battery ..
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Brand: Securefast
For use with Securefast 6000 Series Audio Door Entry panels..
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Brand: Lockey
1 & 3 Channel.Key fob type. DIP Switch or Pre-programmed coding Cased in high quality ABS / PVC. 433.92 MHz. Surface mounted technology. SAW resonator stabilised.  Power by ready available internal 12v batteries; Output power +1- 0,25mW.  Stability + 1- 50 KHz. ..
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Brand: Lockey
Superior French Rolling dip switch coding(1,048,576 combinations, 28 bit)1 channel transmitter (Unlimited number of transmitters can be used with each receiver). Key fob type. Cased in high quality ABS / PVC. 433.92 MHz. Surface mounted technology.  SAW resonator stabilised.&nb..
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Universal 3000 series mounting plate for all 3000 series monitors - complete with connector pcb. This part is supplied separate to the videophone to allow first fixing on installations which both saves money and protects the videophone from damage during the initial installation periodConnect..
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4 way non coaxial (Balanced video) video splitter for all non coaxial video systems. Includes terminating resistors. There are four outputs to videophones, An input and a loop through to the next video splitter. Powered from bus 20Vdc End of line termination required 75 Ohm between bot..
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