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Timer Relay

Timer Relay, Module 506N Relay 12 24V AC DC, Digital Time Clock 7 Day

Brand: Asec
Latch or pulse operation Ideal for controlling lock open times to magnets, electric strikes, etc 4 selectable time ranges Toggle mode operation Variable time ranges (potentiometer) Technical: Current: 30Ma max @ 12VDC Input Voltage: 12/24V AC/DC Relay Rating: 12/24V AC/DC ..
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MT-Relay 12VDC Timer 0-30 seconds output volt free N/O N/C. Ideal for controlling lock open times to magnets, electric strikes, etc. 4 selectable time ranges Variable time ranges (potentiometer) Latch or pulse operation Input Voltage: 12/24V AC/DC Outputs: N/O & N/C volt free con..
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Fire alarm relay module from ICS Security. Manufacturer Reference: FFP-1224 3 Outputs Fire alarm release module Relay rated 3A/125V AC Power input: 12V DC Size: Depth: 20mm Height: 60mm Width: 45mm..
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Brand: Videxsecurity
Boxed 12/24V AC/DC relay, Outputs are 2 x single pole changeover rated at 240v 5amps. It also includes a low current transistor switched input. This is a universal relay for use in many application and environments. Input: 12-24Vac or DC Output: Double pole change over relay (C, NO NC contac..
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Brand: Videxsecurity
Videx Digital Time Clock 7 Day The digital time clock has been designed particularly for the access control market. It incorporates all the features required from a time clock 12V AC or DC operation. Dry Contact 3A rated relay output (CO, NO & NC).  Six fully programmable ..
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