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Brand: Videxsecurity
The EM4100 Fob from Videx is a grey proximity fob manufactured from durable ABS plastic, designed for compatibility with Videx Portal Plus Networks. Key fob ABS Plastic To suit Videx Portal Plus..
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Brand: Videxsecurity
12V DC power supply from Videx featuring free air convection cooling and short circuit / overload / over voltage protection . LED indicator for power on 100% full load burn-in test Short circuit / overload / over voltage protection No load power consumption <0.5W Cooling by free air..
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Brand: Videxsecurity
3102A handset features both ac and electronic call with on/off switch It is ideal as a spare handset for multiple systems. It could also be used where a local bell as well as the main door call is required. This handset has a plug in replaceable handset cord and can be desk mounted with the add..
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Brand: Videxsecurity
Thin credit card shaped EM4100 proximity card from Videx, numbered for easy enrolment and designed for compatibility with Videx Portal Plus Networks. Smart card 0.75 mm thickness..
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Brand: Videxsecurity
PBX-2-MS50 – Thin credit card shaped (0.75mm thick) Mifare S50 proximity card numbered for easy enrolment. ISO card 0.75 mm thickness To suit Videx Desktop Reader..
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Brand: Videxsecurity
The Mifare S50 Fob from Videx is a grey 2k bit proximity fob manufactured from durable ABS plastic, designed for compatibility with Videx Desktop Readers. Key fob ABS Plastic..
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Brand: Videxsecurity
The Portal Plus from Videx is a 2 door controller with TCP/IP, RS485 and Wiegand communication interface. This product is available either boxed or unboxed, with the boxed option being lockable and supplied complete with integrated power supply, 3 fused outputs and battery back up facility (battery ..
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Brand: Videxsecurity
The PROX-USB Desktop Reader from Videx is a USB desktop proximity enrolment reader for EM, Mifare & HID fobs and cards, designed for use with the Portal Plus access conrol system. The desktop proximity readers connect to a PC running the PROS CS Portal Plus software and allows the enrolment of f..
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Brand: Videxsecurity
The MTTS-EXIT is a surface mount request to exit device with a touch sensitive plate and halo illumination to indicate the status of the device (open = green or closed = red). With its slim looks and die cast aluminium body, the metal touch combines elegance and aesthetics with ruggedness and r..
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Brand: Videxsecurity
Universal 3000 series mounting plate for all 3000 series monitors - complete with connector pcb. This part is supplied separate to the videophone to allow first fixing on installations which both saves money and protects the videophone from damage during the initial installation period Connect..
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Brand: Videxsecurity
4 way non coaxial (Balanced video) video splitter for all non coaxial video systems. Includes terminating resistors. There are four outputs to videophones, An input and a loop through to the next video splitter. Powered from bus 20Vdc  End of line termination required 75 Ohm between bot..
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Brand: Videxsecurity
The Videx 322 is a DIN mountable AC transformer with internal PTC protection Also called a Power Supply Unit Input: Mains 240V AC Output: 12V AC Number of Cores: Two Output Current: 1.6 amp Finish: White Size: Length 105mm x Width 88mm x Height 65mm Weight: 630g..
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