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Hook bolt Sliding Door Latch, Four Lever Hook Bolt Sliding Door Lock, 5 Lever Gatelock

Hookbolt operated by handle plates (supplied) from either side when ordering with snib version Steel powder coated case Forend finish: Brass or Satin Chrome (Please specify finish when ordering) Sizes available: 2.5" (63mm) or 3.0" (76mm) Brass Hookbolt Phosp..
Ex Tax:£60.36
Top hookbolt operated by handle plates (supplied with lock) from either side which are in-operable when lockedBottom hookbolt operated by key from either side Steel powder coated case Forend finish: Satin Chrome  Brass hookbolts Phospher bronze springs Comes with striking plate..
Ex Tax:£105.00
Imperial G7088 Dual Profile Mortice Nightlatch Imperial G7088 Dual Profile Mortice Nightlatch
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Half set of furniture can be fitted to the inside to retract the latchFrom outside turn key to withdraw latch Latchbolt can be held back by turning the key 90 degrees in the reverse direction Dual profile case for both euro and oval cylinders which can be converted from oval to euro by in..
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Catchbox To Suit G8, G10, G17 & G19 Gate Locks..
Ex Tax:£24.00
Optional steel locking box availableHookbolt is locked or unlocked by key from either side. ‘Steady’ bolts, located top and bottom, prevent the gate being lifted to release the hook Backset: 32mm Case Depth: 60mm Case Height: 108mm Centres: 132mm (Fixing) Depth: 18mm.Size ..
Ex Tax:£149.35
G10 5 Lever Gate Lock has a satin brass finish and can be locked and unlocked from either side using one of the 2 keys provided. It has 2 deadbolts to prevent attack by lifting and a hook bolt to prevent attack by prisingOptional steel locking box availableSize:Backset: 38mm Ca..
Ex Tax:£147.00
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