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Garage and Remote Access

Wireless REC 20 Receiver, Garage Door Receiver Code Hopping, Garage Receiver French Rolling Code

Brand: Lockey
High Security Code Hopping Factory Coded (over 260 million combinations, 66 bit)1 channel receiver. (Up to eight transmitters can be used with each receiver) 433.92 MHz Surface mounted technology SAW resonator stabilised Latch/pulse selectable Time delay option Normally opened/nor..
Ex Tax:£45.00
Brand: Lockey
Superior French Rolling Dip Switch Coding (1,048,576 combinations, 28 bit)1 channel receiver. (Unlimited number of transmitters can be used with each receiver) The ease of opening and closing doors, raising and lowering barriers and shutters To assist the lesser able 1 channel 433...
Ex Tax:£41.30
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