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Garage and Remote Access

Wireless REC 20 Receiver, Garage Door Receiver Code Hopping, Garage Receiver French Rolling Code

Brand: Lockey
High Security Code Hopping Factory Coded (over 260 million combinations, 66 bit) 1 channel receiver. (Up to eight transmitters can be used with each receiver) 433.92 MHz Surface mounted technology SAW resonator stabilised Latch/pulse selectable Time delay option Normally opened/nor..
Ex Tax:£45.00
Brand: Lockey
Superior French Rolling Dip Switch Coding (1,048,576 combinations, 28 bit) 1 channel receiver. (Unlimited number of transmitters can be used with each receiver) The ease of opening and closing doors, raising and lowering barriers and shutters To assist the lesser able 1 channel 433...
Ex Tax:£41.30
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