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Door Pull Handles

Bolt Fix Round Rose Aluminium Pull Handles, Bolt Fix Round Rose Polished Brass Pull Handles, Bolt Fix Round Rose Stainless Steel Pull Handles, Brass Front Fix Cranked Pull Handles, Cranked Pull Handles, Georgian Cranked Pull Handles, Magnet Pull Handles, Plate Mounted Polished Aluminium Pull Handles, Plate Mounted Stainless Steel Pull Handles, Back To Back Stainless Steel Tubular Pull Handles, Bolt Fix Designer Stainless Steel Pull Handles

Brand: A. Perry
This solid brass handle from A. Perry is designed to suit Perry long throw locks, by fitting over the barrel and replacing the escutcheon. Available in a variety of finishes, this product is made from solid brass and is completely corrosion resistant. Rust proof 200mm in height ..
Ex Tax:£8.00
Brand: Asec
Victorian Plain Design  Diameter: 19mm  Finish: Polished Anodised AluminiumLength Options: 150mm 225mm 300mm..
Ex Tax:£8.00
Brand: Asec
Round Rose Polished Brass Pull Handle Diameter: 19mm Length: 225mm..
Ex Tax:£23.98
Brand: Asec
Round Rose Stainless Steel Pull HandleVictorian Plain Design Diameter: 19mm Length: 225mm  Finish: Stainless SteelLength Options:150mm 225mm 300mm..
Ex Tax:£10.95
Brand: Asec
Victorian Plain Design Diameter: 19mm Finish: Satin Stainless SteelLength Option:150mm 225mm 300mm..
Ex Tax:£8.33
Brand: Asec
Victorian Plain Design Cranked Pattern Finish: Polished BrassOptions: 225mm 300mm..
Ex Tax:£22.98
Brand: Dortrend
Round Rose Aluminium Pull Handle  Diameter: 20mm Finish: Anodised AluminiumLength Options: 125mm 225mm 300mm..
Ex Tax:£12.24
Brand: Dortrend
Victorian Plain Design  Diameter: 20mm  Finish: Anodised AluminiumLength Options 150mm 225mm 300mm..
Ex Tax:£6.64
Brand: Dortrend
Front Fix Cranked Pull Handle Finish: Anodised AluminiumLength Options: 225mm 305mm..
Ex Tax:£6.12
Magnet Pull Handle Single Magnet Pull Handle Single
Out Of Stock
Magnet Pull Handle SingleDual voltage: 12 or 24Vdc Voltage tolerance: ±15% Current draw: 500mA at 12Vdc (at temperature 20°C) Operating temperature: -10 to 55°C (14 to 131°F) Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing Lock’s surface temperature: Current temperature ±20% (when power is o..
Ex Tax:£139.14
Brand: Asec
Solid aluminium push pad handles, sold in pairs with bolt through fixings from Asec. Sold as a pair Bolt through fixing Solid extruded aluminium Supplied complete with all required fixingsSize: Height: 228.6mm Projection: 44.5mm..
Ex Tax:£35.00
Brand: Asec
Plate Mounted Aluminium Pull Handle Polished Anodised Aluminium Plate Length: 300mm Plate Width: 63mm Handle Length: 225mm Handle Diameter: 19mm..
Ex Tax:£18.98
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