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Locinox battery powered electronic code lock suitable for gates

Brand: Locinox NV
Manufactured from stainless steel these replacement Locinox dead bolt ends are available in different sizes to suit the size of lock. 4 lengths available - 13mm, 15mm, 26mm or 46mm Complete with 2 screws Deadbolt ends Stainless steel..
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Brand: Locinox NV
Locinox Vinci Surface Mounted Mechanical Code Gate Lock features a fully mechanical code panel on one side and free access on the other side, with no batteries or electric required. The stainless steel mechanism has aluminium housing and a polyamide rain and dust cover, with an ISO 9227 KTL / E-coat..
Ex Tax:£377.97
Brand: Locinox NV
This Locinox N-Line B-Mag electromagnetic kit is designed for exterior use and is suitable for swing gates for fixing to the gate frame. The set consists of two MAGUNIT2500 integrated magnets with quick fix mounting, the 3006PULL and an aesthetic design profile. Aluminium 3006PULL handle inclu..
Ex Tax:£765.60
Brand: Locinox NV
The Locinox Valentino is a battery powered electronic code lock suitable for gates, which has an illuminated code panel on both sides. It is energy efficient with up to 100,000 open/close cycles possible on the same set of 6 lithium-metal AA batteries, which are included. Access codes can be easily ..
Ex Tax:£418.60
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