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Locinox battery powered electronic code lock suitable for gates

Brand: Locinox NV
Manufactured from stainless steel these replacement Locinox dead bolt ends are available in different sizes to suit the size of lock. 4 lengths available - 13mm, 15mm, 26mm or 46mm Complete with 2 screws Deadbolt ends Stainless steel..
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Brand: Locinox NV
Locinox Vinci Surface Mounted Mechanical Code Gate Lock features a fully mechanical code panel on one side and free access on the other side, with no batteries or electric required. The stainless steel mechanism has aluminium housing and a polyamide rain and dust cover, with an ISO 9227 KTL / E-coat..
Ex Tax:£377.97
Brand: Locinox NV
The Locinox Valentino is a battery powered electronic code lock suitable for gates, which has an illuminated code panel on both sides. It is energy efficient with up to 100,000 open/close cycles possible on the same set of 6 lithium-metal AA batteries, which are included. Access codes can be easily ..
Ex Tax:£418.60
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