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Fix 105PZ Lever Operated Latch Deadbolt Scandinavian Cylinder, Fix 6025H Lever Operated Latch Deadbolt 2 Hook, Fix Asgard Lever Operated Twin Spindle Latch & Hookbolt 2 Hook

Brand: Fix
Lock will sometimes have FIX2025 or Yale stamped on the faceplate.It will replace the FIX2150 or FIX2151 with some adjustment and certain models have specific hook positions Scandinavian Profile Lock Case Latch & Deadbolt 25mm Faceplate Backset: 50mm Centres: 105mm Faceplate: 25m..
Ex Tax:£141.00
Brand: Fix
A latch and deadbolt single spindle multipoint lock with 2 hooks and 72mm centres. This unit is designed for wooden doors and has a 25mm faceplate. Euro profile lock case A - Lift lever to engage locking mechanisms and then one full turn of the cylinder to lock. One full turn of the key then..
Ex Tax:£120.20
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