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Hasp & Staples

Horizontal Locking Bar and Padlock, Van Lock Complete with Hasp, Mini Hasp and Staple, Hasp and Staple

Brand: Abus
Steel hasp & staples, 80mm & 100mm with hardened steel staple and hinge pin. For use with padlocks up to 10mm diameter shackle, ideal for securing gates, sheds, garages etc.Hidden screws: Deters opportunist thieves 80mm & 100mm with hardened steel staples & hinge pin : Resis..
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Brand: Abus
Stainless steel hasp & hinge pin plus wide hardened staple designed for use with ABUS Diskus padlocks give durable securityHidden fixings : Deters Tough steel construction : With concealed hinge pins Stainless steel hasp & hinge pin : Designed for use with ABUS Diskus padlocks C..
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Brand: Abus
Solid stainless steel hasp from Abus to secure rolling garage and shutter doors. It is ideal for mounting on flat concrete floors, but it is also suitable for wall mounting and supplied complete with mounting accessories. It is suitable for use with a padlock which has a shackle diameter of up to 11..
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Brand: Asec
Asec lockable hasp is an ideal alternative to a hasp and staple fitted with a padlock, it is a far more attractive offering and ideally suited for use on furniture such as office cupboards. The key can be removed in either the locked or unlocked position, it is easy to fit and comes complete with 2 ..
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Brand: Asec
The ASEC Security Hasp is ideal for use on sheds and garages. It is manufactured in the UK, laser cut and cnc folded from 6mm steel with a black powder coating. It comes complete with 3 x 65mm zinc plated coach bolts.Steel construction Ideal for use on sheds and garages Black powder coati..
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Brand: Ifam
This IFAM hasp and staple is ideal for fenced sliding closures commonly found on commercial properties. It also includes two possible positions for the ring based on the needs of the user. The PCH1 hasp can be used with padlocks that have shackles up to 12mm in diameterSize: Body length..
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National Key Scheme hasp & staple by T Morgan & Sons which is to be used in combination with the NKS100 padlock.Red powder coat finish National Key Scheme Complete with fixing screws For use with NKS padlockSizeLength: 150mm Weight: 261g..
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Brand: Squire
Squire Hasp & StapleManufacturer Reference: SHH1 Weight: 310g Width: 45.8 mm Length: 160 mm Staple clearance: 12.7 mm Staple diameter: 7 mm hardened..
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Brand: Squire
Squire's hi-security locksets offer formidable resistance against attack and corrosion. Purpose-designed to CEN European standards, the locksets provide an integrated solution for securing vans, gates, doors, garages and other high risk areas. The hasp is made of a special cast material and the lock..
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Brand: Squire
The Squire LB2 Hasp is a high security bracket thanks to its heavy duty 6mm thick construction and full padlock protection. The Hasp can be used with both open and Closed shackle padlocks and is suitable for vans, doors, commercial premises, vehicles and garages. It is recommended that the Hasp is u..
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Brand: Masterlock
Van Lock Complete with HaspPadlock: Chrome Plated Hardened Steel Body - Extra strength  Padlock: Shrouded Steel Shackle - Maximum protection against hacksaw & cropping attacks  Padlock: 6 Pin Cylinder - Extra protection against picking Padlock: Corrosion Resistant Mechanis..
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