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Hoppe Half Spindle AR229 60, Plain Handle Spindle, Spindle Sleeve Converter 7mm to 8mm, Split Spindle

Brand: Asec
Each set is complete with 2 female centre sections, 4 25mm and 2 30mm machine screws. For use with Asec bolt through furniture ideal to suit a variety of door thicknesses..
Ex Tax:£3.00
This square tube simply slides over the existing spindle to increase its width, therefore making it compatible with the majority of followers. Very easy to install Length: 25mm Various sizes available Converts smaller spindles to a larger size Options: 5mm to 8mm 7mm to 8mm ..
Ex Tax:£2.50
Brand: Dortrend
This spindle allows one side to operate freely while the other is fixed 8mm split spindle Finish: Zinc Plated Size: 93mm..
Ex Tax:£10.79
A simple square metal sleeve slides over a 7mm spindle to increase the width to 8mm. Metal Construction Easy To Fit Converts 7mm Spindle to 8mm Length: 30mm Note: This product is not suitable for lengthening/joining spindles..
Ex Tax:£2.50
Brand: Dortrend
8mm Spindle to suit most handle sets Size: 82mm or 140mm..
Ex Tax:£1.12
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