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Gate Locks

Hook Lock for Sliding Gates, Willenhal Locks G5 5 Lever Gatelock, Willenhall Catchbox, Willenhall G17 5 Lever Gate Lock, Collapsible Gate Push Lock

Brand: A. Perry
Long throw gate locks feature 65mm of throw from the marine grade stainless steel locking bolt, all fixings for attaching the Gatemate locks to the gates are also stainless steel which gives extra protection against corrosion. 5 Keys are supplied with every long throw gate lock and best of all..
Ex Tax:£35.00
Brand: A. Perry
The single locking long-throw lock from A. Perry is designed to suit gates and doors up to 70mm thick. With a marine grade stainless steel bolt and solid brass escutcheon, this product is corrosion resistant and designed for outdoor use. This model locks from one side only, and comes supplied with&n..
Ex Tax:£35.00
The Deluxe LokkLatch is designed to fit all square posts and gate frames (up to 150mm), it's fully adjustable both vertically and horizontally, and will lock from both sides of the gate. The 6 pin lock is re-keyable, and the whole product is durable and completely corrosion resistant. Rust pro..
Ex Tax:£60.00
Brand: Gatemaster
This Gatemaster 5CDC stainless steel case is used in conjunction with the Gatemaster SBD Euro Cylinder Operated Deadlock. Once welded in place, it provides additional protection to the lock from both physical attack and the elements. Lock and box keep sold separately Can suit Union (ex Chubb..
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Brand: Gatemaster
Weather resistant and salt spray tested to marine grade, the Gatemaster Single Sided Digital Gate Lock is designed for durability. With digital locking there are no keys required, and this product features auto latching and deadlocking functions, as well as being supplied with a brass bearing plate ..
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Brand: Gatemaster
A mild steel keep plate to be welded to the gate post to suit Gatemaster GLB and GLB02 gate locking bolts. Keep to be welded to the gate post 60mm (L) x 50mm(W) x 3mm(D) Mild steel..
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Brand: Welka Locks
The Welka 5555 gate lock has a useful 3 throw lock bolt which extends 32mm. The latch is reversible and is operated by lever Size: Case height: 100mm Case width: 100mm Centres: 54mm Backset: 55mm Bolt projection: 32mm..
Ex Tax:£81.88
Catchbox To Suit G8, G10, G17 & G19 Gate Locks..
Ex Tax:£24.00
The Willenhall G17 is a face fix 5 lever hook bolt gate lock. The lock has a 32mm backset and is supplied keyed to differ with 2 key Hookbolt is locked or unlocked by key from either side. ‘Steady’ bolts, located top and bottom, prevent the gate being lifted to release the hook Size ..
Ex Tax:£225.72
Grille lock to suite most collapsible grilles Bolt fix Supplied with 2 keys Keep and fixing plate supplied SIZE: Height: 50mm Width: 65mm Thickness: 31mm Screw Centres: 45mm..
Ex Tax:£40.00
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