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Kenrick Excalibur Latch Hook Twin Spindle 2 Hook 3 Roller

Brand: Kenrick
The Kenrick Excalibur EXDL33SBP is a latch and hook bolt system with 92mm centres and a 35mm backset. Together with a 16mm faceplate this single spindle product has 3 hooks, 3 rollers, 2 anti-lift bolts and a euro profile lock case; the gearbox is sprung as standard and comes with a snib. Sing..
Ex Tax:£54.85
Brand: Kenrick
The Kenrick Excalibur is a twin spindle lever operated latch and hookbolt multipoint with 2 hooks and 3 rollers. It has a 16mm faceplate and 92mm/62mm centres. Centres - 92-62mm Split Spindle: 8mm Backset - 35mm Faceplate Width: 16mm Lift Handle To Engage Top And Bottom Hook And Rol..
Ex Tax:£42.60
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