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Sliding Shackle Padlock

Abus Asec 770 Steel Sliding Shackle Padlock, Cisa Sliding Pin Padlock, Mul T Lock Sliding Bolt Padlock, Squire ASWL Steel Sliding Shackle Padlock, Squire Stronghold WS75 Steel Container Sliding Shackle Padlock, Squire WL Series Brass Sliding Shackle Padlock, Squire WS50P5 CEN 3 Steel Sliding Shackle Padlock

Brand: Abus
Abus Titalium range of padlocks is an industry leading range of strong and lightweight padlocks. The 98TI product series comes with a solid Titalium block body, a high tech 10 pin cylinder and a sturdy 12mm hardened steel sliding shackle. 10 Pin cylinder 150,000 differs Sliding shackle S..
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Brand: Squire
The Defender Armoured Warehouse Lock from Squire is designed to be robust with high attack resistance. They are suited for use on a variety of commercial applications such as gates, roller shutter doors, warehouses and industrial units. Hardened steel armour Also know as a block lock or anvi..
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Brand: Asec
Sliding shackle padlock is designed to be robust and have a high resistance to attack. It is ideal for shutter or link chain applications where security is an issue. Ideal for use on commercial premises Revolving shackle resists sawing attacks Also know as a block lock or anvil padlock H..
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Brand: Cisa
High Security Finish: Steel Mfr Ref: 28550-84 Brand CISA Body Width: 66mm, 75mm or 84mm FEATURES Solid hardened steel body Hardened steel shackle OPERATION Locked and unlocked by key Options: Body Width 66mm - Shackle Diameter 10mm Body Width 75mm - S..
Ex Tax:£68.60
The R-90 is a solid sliding shackle padlock from Lince with corrosion resistant and attack resistant properties. With a stainless steel lock body and shackle, the padlock is also supplied with 3 protective rings which slide over the shackle and hinder cutting. The R-90 has a key-retaining cylinder, ..
Ex Tax:£60.00
Brand: Mul-T-Lock
Mul-T-Lock NG12SB Sliding Bolt Padlock High security padlock, for general use with Mul-T-Lock high security padbars or any other padbars. Ideal for applications requiring highbolt protection. Unlocking with a 65º key rotation. Black electrophoric finish. Body: Case Hardened Steel. Bo..
Ex Tax:£72.00
Brand: Squire
This CBW85 Sliding Shackle Padlock from Squire is a purpose made, high security padlock designed to meet the security needs of rollers shutters and storage units. This hard-wearing unit features a solid lock body, a 5-wheel combination mechanism and a hardened steel shackle for superior resistance a..
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Brand: Squire
The ASWL1 and ASWL2 armoured steel locks are specifically designed for securing commercial applications such as warehouses. The solid brass body is protected by armoured steel for ultra-resistance to attack, and the rotating hardened steel shackle is particularly resistant to a sawing attack. These ..
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Brand: Squire
The Stronghold WS75, with its 80mm solid hardened steel body and 12mm hardened boron alloy steel shackles, combines compact design with market leading product performance. Designed to resist the most determined attacks, these locks can also function reliably in the harshest weather conditions thanks..
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