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Combination Bolt, Locking Combination Bolt Squire Combi 4 Wheel, Combi 3 Wheel Die Cast Combination Bolt

Brand: Asec
This Asec combination locking bolt is fully resettable and easy to fit. It comes supplied with anti-tamper screws and can be used on a number of applications such as sheds, windows and doors. Easy to fit Supplied with anti-tamper screws 4 digit wheels (Numbered 0-9) Resettable combinatio..
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Brand: Squire
Squire Combination Bolt from R & R Security Die-cast with black powder coated Security screws provided 10,000 combinations  Can be fitted flush or recess  COMBI-2 model: recodable combination Die-cast locking bolt, 125mm Unique recodable locking bolt The SQUIRE Combi..
Ex Tax:£16.98
Brand: Squire
The Squire Combination Bolt is a unique recodable combination locking bolt which can be used on a wide range of materials and products. The Combination Bolt is able to withstand exposure to harsh environments, is rustproof and has a 3 digit mechanism with 10 Big Pins. 1000 code operations Su..
Ex Tax:£20.00
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