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Kaba 1011 Digital Lock, 1021B Digital with Key Override on Outside, 1021B Digital with Key Override on Outside, 1031 Digital Lock with Internal Passage Function, 1041B Digital Lock Internal Passage Function Key Override, EE1021BB Back to Back Digital Lock With Key Both Sides, L1011 Rim Digital Lock with Lever Handle, L1021 Digital Lock Lever Handle External Key Override, L1031 Digital Lock With Passage Set, 3000 Series Narrow Style Digital Lock, LD451 Digital Lock With Holdback, LD471 Digital Lock With Holdback, Kaba 5021 Push Button Digital Lock, Kaba 5041XK Digital Lock, Kaba 6204 Digital Lock, Kaba 7102 Digital Lock With Mortice Deadbolt, Kaba 7104 Digital Lock with Mortice Latch, Kaba 7106 Digital Lock With Internal Nightlatch Case, Kaba 904 Digital Lock With Rim Deadlock, Kaba 919 Digital Lock, Kaba 919-3 Digital Lock With Internal Lever Handle, Kaba 938 Digital Lock With Key Override and Accessories

Brand: Kaba
Weather resistant E-Plex 2000 series from dormakaba (formerly known as Kaba) is an electronic digital lock solution. The lock can be easily programmed via the keypad and does not require the lock to be removed from the door. Alternatively, the lock can be programmed using an optional Microsoft Excel..
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