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Metal PVCu Window Restrictors, Multi Purpose Bolts, Ventilation Window Restictors, Transom Lock for Metal Windows, Cockspur Window Handle Locks, Window Snap Locks, Locking Sash Stoppers, Safety Locking Restrictors, Universal Pressbolts, Patio Locks

Brand: Era
The ERA Multi-Purpose Bolt can be fitted to aluminium and wooden sliding doors, hinged doors and garage doors. Simply press to lock and use the key to unlock Fixings to suit all types of jamb Suitable for wood and metal, hinged and sliding doors. Supplied c/w range of keep plates/ferrule..
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Brand: Era
Transom Lock clamps the window stay to the fixed peg on the metal transom windows. Fully removable to allow window opening Clamps the window stay to the fixed peg on metal transom. Lock is secured and released by use of the key. Finishes Available: White only SIZE: Length: 32m..
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Era 829 Metlock Cockspur Window Handle Lock Era 829 Metlock Cockspur Window Handle Lock
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Brand: Era
Era Metlock utilises a high tensile steel bolt to prevent the handle from moving. To be fitted to Metal type windows 2 bolts supplied and 1 key No drilling or screws required Lock body slides between window handle forks, the key is used to tighten the steel locking pin against the window..
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Brand: Era
The ERA Metal Window Lock fits most metal windows including casement, side hung, pivot and top hung. The Metal Window Lock uses a cut key to lock and unlock. Fixing screws are self tapping. Era 901 Metal Window Lock Finish Available: White only  One lock and one key supplied per pack ..
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Brand: Era
For Metal windows only  Fixing Screws Supplied  One key per pack supplied  Finish: White  SIZE: Length: 50mm Width 40mm The ERA Snaplock can be used on most types of windows including casement, side hung or top hung. Closing the window locks the Snaplo..
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Brand: Era
Suitable for surface fixing to PVCu windows & doors Automatic locking as the lock snaps into place. Key to release Supplied with a selection of packers for different window & door sizes Finishes: White or Brown SIZE: Length: 72mm Width: 26mm Windows Ideal for a..
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Brand: Era
ERA Safety Locking Restrictor is a simple to fit device that limits the distance a window or door can open. Ergonomically designed for easy operation, this product is suitable for domestic and commercial applications and is BS EN 16281: 2013 compliant. This unit comes supplied with two keys and the ..
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Brand: Era
Era Standard Key Universal Pressbolt Standard Key Version Finishes Available: Brown, White  Supplied with key, fixing screws, keep plate and ferrule Rotating sprung loaded bolt SIZE: Length: 80mm Width: 20mm Bolt Projection: 20mm The ERA Universal Pressbolt can b..
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Brand: Era
Era Pressbolt from R & R Security Cut Key Version  Finishes Available: Brown, White or Brass One Lock and one key supplied per pack  This lock can be ordered in multiple quantities with the same key SIZE: Length: 80mm Width: 20mm Bolt Projection: 20mm Th..
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Brand: Era
Locks on the push of the cylinder, key required to unlock Finishes Available: Brown, Satin and White  One Lock and one key supplied per pack SIZE: Length: 46mm Width: 27mm The ERA Patio Door Lock can be fitted to most types of metal, wood and PVCu patio doors including..
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