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Sash Window Stops, Casement Window Locks, Metal Window Locks

Brand: Bramah
Rola R1 Sash StopsFinish: Nickle Plated or Polished Brass Sizes: R1/01, R1/02 and R1/03 19mm x 16mm Diameter - R1/04 and R1/05 31mm x 16mm Keys: Sold SeparateOPTIONS:R1/01 - 2 Locks & 2 Inserts - Polished Brass - Length 19mm R1/01 - 2 Locks & 2 Insert..
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Brand: Bramah
The Bramah R2/01 Rola casement window lock is designed for wooden, side hinged or vertical and horizontal centre pivot windows.Suitable for outward opening hinged windows Lock is secured and released by use of the key which turns a threaded socket screw into an insert located in the stile ..
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Brand: Bramah
Locking is by means of a threaded bolt screwed in to clamp window and frame together. Rola Metal Window Lock Finish: Nickel Size: 15mm x 15mm Diameter Keys: Sold Seperate..
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Brand: Bramah
Sash stop plate from the Bramah Rola range, designed for use with the Rola sash stops and available in a variety of finishes to suit the stops and other window furniture.Various finishes available to suit sash stops For use with Bramah Rola Sash Stops 25mm x 18mm Protects the internal w..
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