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1 Lever Rim Locks

1 Lever Double Handed Flanged Rimlock, 1 Lever Double Handed Rimlock, Union 1448 Lever Rim Lock

Brand: Asec
Double handed flanged rimlock by Asec with a case depth of 150mm. Easy to install Double Handed Flanged Supplied complete with 2 keys..
Ex Tax:£10.00
Brand: Asec
Double handed rimlock by Asec with a case depth of 140mm. Double Handed Supplied complete with 2 keys Easy to install..
Ex Tax:£9.00
Union Lever Rim Lock Handing: Reversible Reference: J1448 Backset: 51mm Size: 140mm Case & Keep: Steel, black enamel finish Deadbolt: Brass Latch Bolt: Brass Locking Mechanism: Nib ward and tumbler Keying: Different keys per lock, 2 keys supplied per lock APPLICATION: ..
Ex Tax:£24.16
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