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Slam Action Cabinet Locks

spring latch automatically locks the drawer, using the key retracts the latch

Brand: Asec
The Asec 8148-10 till lock is mounted on the inside of a drawer, when shut the spring latch automatically locks the drawer, using the key retracts the latch allowing the drawer to be opened.16mm diameter nozzle square backplate latchbolt furniture lock, with a 10 pin radial key for extra security. ..
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Brand: Asec
Asec 19mm slam action rim lock. Supplied complete with 2 keys Slam latch Nozzle & Flanged Size: Body Length: 19mm Head Diameter: 16.3mm Length: 10.6mm..
Ex Tax:£9.23
The Lowe & Fletcher 5883 slam action cylinder drawer lock is suitable for use on wooden furniture. Slam action rim lock Suitable for wooden furniture Vertical fixing Round fixing hole Keys: 2 Finish Black Type: Furniture Mfr Ref: 5883-3009..
Ex Tax:£11.13
Union 4148 Cylinder Cupboard/Till Lock For wooden doors or tills To suit doors or tills up to 12.5mm material thickness OPERATION: Cylinder rotates to produce either a drawer lock or a till Upon closing the bolt is automatically engaged The bolt is withdrawn by key F..
Ex Tax:£48.00
Restrict access to your wheel bin with the Slam Lock from Wheelie Bin Direct. Fitted to the inside of the bin, the slam lock will activate on the close of the lid, as the strike plate comes into contact with the lock. This unit comes supplied with a WBD key to operate the lock. Strike plate is..
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Brand: Yale
Yale Drawer Springbolt from R & R Security Size: 22mm 7/8" Backset: 19mm Bolt is locked and unlocked by key Suits drawers up to 19mm material thickness Finish: Brass Cylinder Projection: 22mm..
Ex Tax:£75.00
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