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K42 Keypad, K44 Duo Keypad, BC615 Card Reader, BB3 Flush Kits

Brand: Bewator
Flush mounting kit to suit K42/K44 keypad Note: Keypad is supplied separately Size: External Height: 197mm External Width: 117mm Inside Depth: 33mm Inside Height: 175mm Inside Width: 85mm..
Ex Tax:£70.00
The K42 is the best-selling codelock in the world. It is compact and easy to use with a modern design that is suitable for either indoor or outdoor mounting. The K42 has a capacity of two four-digit codes. One can be used by residents while the other is used by the property caretaker, for example. A..
Ex Tax:£167.73
The K44 Duo is a programmable codelock for one or two doors. It is possible to set separate codes for each door or the same code for both. K44 Duo also provides the option of door control and alarm output. The K44 Duo has a code capacity of 20 four-digit codes and 10 six-digit codes. By using the K4..
Ex Tax:£204.85
Brand: Bewator
Random cards supplied in sequential blocks To suit BC615 Key Pad & Card Reader Can be loaded individually or block loaded No site code required All Card Purchased Will Say VANDERBILT (Picture Is For Reference Only)..
Ex Tax:£2.00
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