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Break Glass Bolts

Redlam Panic Bolts, Ceramic Tube for Redlam Bolts, Glass Tube for Redlam Bolts, Hammer for Break Glass Bolts

Brand: Thomas Glover
Manufactured fom cast iron aluminium Redlam panic bolts are economical solution to the problem of providing reliable security for internal emergency exits Designed for interconnecting emergency exit doors. Operates one side of the door by breaking the tube, and on the other side by pushing t..
Ex Tax:£36.77
Brand: Thomas Glover
Replacement Ceramic tube for Redlam Bolts Mainly used in the food industry Designed to produce no sharp edges when smashed..
Ex Tax:£3.24
Brand: Thomas Glover
Replacement Glass tube for Redlam Bolts Supplied in a box of 10 tubes..
Ex Tax:£13.00
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