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Open Shackle Security Padlocks

Ingersoll OS711 Open Shackle Padlock, Mul-T-Lock Interactive C Series Padlock, Mul-T-Lock MT5 NE Series Cen Standard Open Shackle Padlocks

Brand: Abus
The ABUS 37ST Granit series CEN grade 4 open shackle padlocks are a range of high security marine grade padlock, ideal for high security applications in the harshest of environments. The body and shackle are made of attack resistant solid stainless steel, the mechanism is pick resistant, double s..
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Brand: Abus
Both the lock body and the shackle of the Rock 83/55 resist attempts to break the padlock open with specially hardened steel. Thanks to its precision pin cylinder, locking and unlocking of the Rock 83/55 is particularly smooth. The double bolted locking mechanism inside increases security against m..
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Brand: Abus
Weatherproof open shackle padlock with through hardened steel shackle & ball bearing locking mechanism. Adapts to most requirements including key retaining or not.  Ball bearing locking : Resists lever & torsion attacks Adapts to most requirements inc. key retaining or not : Spe..
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Brand: Ingersoll
Ingersoll high security padlock features an open shackle. The padlock is made from hardened steel and the cylinder is a 10 lever mechanism Key withdrawal only when locked Double ball locking mechanism secures shackle Body comprised of hardened steel laminations finished in nickel chrome ..
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Brand: Mul-T-Lock
High security padlock, for general use with Mul-T-Lock hasps or shackle protectors. Operation: Unlocking with 55º - 65º key rotation. Options: Removable shackle with non retaining key or Pop Up (shackle cannot be removed) with retaining key (key can only be removed when pad..
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Brand: Mul-T-Lock
A padlock is intended to offer high security and an ability to deter a break-in. But this can only be achieved if the right padlock is specified. However, any security is only as good as its weakest link. Knowing the difference between a traditional padlock type and the right pa..
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Brand: Squire
The Stronghold SS65S is a solid hardened steel padlock open shackle padlock manufactured in the UK. Its electrophoretic finish combined with outer casing ensures that it will function reliably in the harshest weather conditions. Tested to meet CEN Grade 5 it is a high security open shackle padlock f..
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Brand: Squire
The Stronghold ST50S is a stainless steel open shackle padlock designed to be used in the harshest environments. Manufactured in the UK featuring a 10mm diameter stainless steel shackle and a 50mm wide stainless steel body this high security padlock has a manufacturers 10 year guarantee. It has been..
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Brand: Squire
The Vulcan range of open shackle padlocks, by premium lock manufacturer Henry Squire & Sons Ltd, are designed to be extremely attack-resistant, featuring a diecast steel body and hardened boron alloy steel shackle. They are keyed to differ, with a double deadlocking and ball locking 4 pin tumble..
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Brand: Abus
Stainless steel body padlock combined with Y14 cylinder. Ideal for use in master key systems for securing property such as bins and garages. The 26.5mm thick stainless steel body, Open shackle and 10mm shackle diameter make this padlock highly resistant against bolt cutter attacks. High s..
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C-Series 1K42 AVA Padlock (formerly known as Chubb) Excellent resistance to picking Key withdrawal only when locked Open shackle 10 Year Guarantee Solid brass body Hardened steel double locking shackle..
Ex Tax:£102.64
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