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Bewator Keypad Replacement Barrel, Chicago Filing Cabinet Lock, Hekna Flap Lock 2102, Hewil Draw Lock Barrel 0927, Huwil 0923 Special Purpose Lock, Huwil Cabinet Flap Lock, Huwil Hook Cam Lock, Huwil UL0164 Furniture Lock, Keyhole Blocker, Low and Fletcher 4812 Slam Lock, Low and Fletcher 5836 Slam Lock, Lowe and Fletcher Press Lock with Tail, Meroni Special Purpose Furniture Lock, Mesan Swing Handle Gearbox Operation Lock, Mesan Swing Handle Replacement Cylinder, Renz Special Purpose Cabinet Lock, Strebor President Cabinet Lock

Brand: Autopa
Replacement RPT (radial pin tumbler) push lock for Autopa folding parking posts. Push lock Conical head shape 2 keys supplied Nut fixing..
Ex Tax:£36.00
Brand: Bewator
Replacement Barrel Compatible with all Bewator/Siemens, Vanderbilt, Code Locks, Card readers & Door Entry Phones Note: This barrel only fits the new keypads - old locks with cam on back are now obsolete...
Ex Tax:£64.50
Hafele Cabinet Flap Lock Hafele Cabinet Flap Lock
Out Of Stock
Brand: Hafele
Hafele Flap or Hinged Door Lock Screw size: 3mm Csk Press and turn movement Key only removed when locked..
Ex Tax:£15.00
Brand: Huwil
Hewil Draw Lock Barrel Mfr Ref: 0152-900-61 Keys: 2..
Ex Tax:£8.00
Brand: Huwil
Huwil 0923 Special Purpose Lock Size: 42mm long Key Series: N Keys: 2..
Ex Tax:£7.50
Brand: Huwil
Nozzle Size - 18mm Diam x 22mm Long Removable Core Draw, Till & Cupboard Locks Finish: Nickle Complete Lock Fixing: Double Flange Keys: 2..
Ex Tax:£16.50
Brand: Huwil
Huwil Furniture Lock From R & R Security Fixing: Screw Movement: 180º Keys: 2 Lock Ref: UL0164..
Ex Tax:£9.50
Brand: Burg
Keyhole Blocker used to block keyway on standard UK profile keyholes Prevents original key from entering  Used on rental properties, where the tenant has been evicted and the lock needs securing as a temporary measure while waiting for replacement..
Ex Tax:£13.50
Low & Fletcher Push Lock with Tail Size: See additional images Press to lock Keys: 2 ..
Ex Tax:£13.50
Meroni Furniture locks from R & R Security Key only removed when locked ..
Ex Tax:£13.50
Brand: Mesan
Replacement cylinder for Mesan Swing Handle Gearbox Operation Lock Keys: 2..
Ex Tax:£12.50
Brand: Renz
Special purpose cabinet locks from R & R Security See additional images for sizes..
Ex Tax:£8.50
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