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Automatic Door Operator

Automatic swing door operators & accessories

Brand: Geofire
The Agrippa door closer learns the sound of your specific fire alarm, releasing the door in the event of a fire. This new innovation in the industry is also wire free, so it can easily be retrofitted to any door. The releasing trigger reacts to a particular sound rather than simply a loud noise, sig..
Ex Tax:£305.00
Brand: Dorma
The ED100 LE swing door operator from Dorma is low energy solution to suit for both single and double-leaf applications. This energy saving door operator can be activated when necessary by way of a push pad and operated as a conventional manual swing door in all other cases. The modular design makes..
Ex Tax:£1,500.00
Brand: FAAC
A951 is a discrete and stylish door automation unit which allows users to easily open or close a door using a push button, sensor or remote, thanks to the PUSH&GO function. It is designed to give a smooth and silent operation on internal doors and boasts a low energy consumption even while in co..
Ex Tax:£1,481.25
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