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Smart Locks

unlock your door with a PIN code, remote fob or your smartphone

Brand: Codelocks
The Codelock battery operated CL5510 digital lock offers advanced programming capabilities and access methods. Users can program up to 100 user codes, 150 MIFARE® smart cards (or fobs/wristbands) or 100 phone clients. This unit is compatible with the K3 Connect App which enables you to manage all as..
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Brand: Codelocks
Codelocks Smart Locks keep getting smarter. This model features all the great benefits and security of larger smart locks, but in a slimmer, sleeker and more stylish design. The Bluetooth enabled CL4510 digital lock from Codelocks combines advanced programming with convenient smartphone management a..
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Brand: Codelocks
The CL5520 Smart Lock from Codelocks is a digital mortice lock with double cylinder which can be programmed and managed entirely using the K3 Connect App on your smartphone. This allows for a variety of functions including programming, access code generation, smart card distribution and audit trail ..
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Brand: Intratone
The 06-0130-EN is an Intratone Keypad Kit, containing 1 x Coded Keypad & 1 x GSM / GPRS module with integrated RF module and 10 years free data. It supports up to 10,000 remotes/mobile keys and can store up to 80 codes, with remote online management including adding/removing remotes, event loggi..
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Brand: Yale
Easy to install, the innovative Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock can be managed entirely from your smartphone via the Yale App. Suitable for use with the majority of multipoint locks in the market, the Conexis L1 gives users the flexibility to choose from four different keyless entry methods; app, ke..
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Yale Keyfree Connected Smart Lock for Upvc Doors Yale Keyfree Connected Smart Lock for Upvc Doors
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Brand: Yale
DiscontinuedAny help required with existing locks call Keyfree Helpline on 01902 36406 or e-mail Yale Keyfree Connected smart lock gives you the freedom to secure your home without the need for a key. Program up to 20 different 4-10 digit user access PIN codes with th..
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Brand: Yale
Keyless Connected smart lock gives you freedom to secure your home without the need for a key. Simple to use, you now have complete control on how you unlock your door.There's no need to worry if your children arrive home early, or if you're stuck at work with friends on your doorstep. You contr..
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