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1 Lever Rim Deadlocks

Double Handed Rim Deadlocks, Basta Press Lock

Brand: Asec
Double handed rim deadlock by Asec with a case depth of 100mm. Double Handed Easy to install Supplied complete with 2 keys Backset: 43mm Case Depth: 100mm Weight: 400g​..
Ex Tax:£9.18
Brand: Asec
This black press lock from Asec is suitable for use on both inwards and outwards opening doors and is a popular locking choice for sheds. Case Depth: 75mm Keys Supplied: 2 Opening inwards or outwards Suitable for doors hinged on left or right..
Ex Tax:£5.70
Brand: Legge
Deadbolt is unlocked by key from either the inside or outside Supplied with 2 keys Reversible handing 1 Lever Mechanism Size: Backset: 51mm Bolt Throw: 12mm Case Depth: 108mm Case Height: 73mm Case Width: 17mm Weight: 420g..
Ex Tax:£19.00
For timber doors up to 50mm thick, hinged on the  left or right and opening inwards only Backset: 51mm Case & Keep: Steel, black enamel finish Deadbolt: Brass Locking Mechanism: Nib ward and tumbler Keying: Different keys per lock, or same keys per lock supplied with 2 keys pe..
Ex Tax:£23.00
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