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Window Casement Locks

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Brand: Banham
The Banham W106 is designed to be fitted on rebated and narrow stile casement windows. Please note that keys are not included. Suitable for outward opening hinged windows (particularly narrow stile) Window is pulled tight into the frame by screwing a threaded bolt through the lock body into ..
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Brand: Banham
The Banham W108 Window Lock is designed for use with cockspur handles and is suitable for use with metal casement windows. This lock is supplied without keys and must be ordered separately. Fits under the Cockspur handle Supplied without key (must be ordered separately) The screw heads are..
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Brand: Banham
The Banham W109 is a window cylinder lock designed for metal framed casement windows and fanlights. Please note that keys are not included. Suitable for metal casements, fanlights and French doors This lock has been designed with the concept of maximum security. The locking application is by..
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Brand: Banham
The Banham W115 is a metal window dome lock with a flush rebate to help prevent prising from the frame once fitted. Please note that keys are not included. Suitable for most metal casement windows Supplied c/w fixing screws Flush rebate prevents lock being prised from the frame Operates ..
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Brand: Bramah
The Bramah R2/01 Rola casement window lock is designed for wooden, side hinged or vertical and horizontal centre pivot windows. Suitable for outward opening hinged windows Lock is secured and released by use of the key which turns a threaded socket screw into an insert located in the stile ..
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Brand: Yale
Particularly suitable for outward opening hinged windows with narrow frames Lock Is Secured And Released By The Key  Suitable For Outward Opening Wooden Windows  Finish: White  One Lock and Key  Now sold under the Yale brand..
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Brand: Yale
The Yale 8K102 is a window push lock suitable for hinged timber casement windows. It is supplied as 2 locks and 1 key complete with wedge plate and fixing screws. Suitable for hinged timber casement windows Supplied c/w wedge plate for tapered frames & fixing screws Particularly suitab..
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Brand: Yale
The Yale 8K118 is a casement window lock suitable for outward opening hinged windows. The pack consists of 4 locks with 1 key and includes fixing screws. Suitable for outward opening hinged windows Lock is secured and released by use of the key which turns a socket screw into the strike plat..
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Brand: Era
The ERA 808 Locking Handle fits most wooden casement windows. It is self-locking, needing the ut key to unlock. The mechanism allows fully closed locking or partial opening for ventilation. Cylinder Cut Key Version  Finishes available: Brassed or White  One Lock and one key per p..
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Brand: Era
The ERA Staylock replaces existing pegs with a new threaded system with locking nuts, operation by a standard key. It is suitable for wooden casement windows fitted with most through peg stays. Replaces the existing pegs with the security pin Supplied c/w wedge plates for tapered frames &..
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Brand: Era
The ERA Locking Window Catch is manufactured from steel and brass to hold the window tight against the frame, by a threaded peg and key-operated locknut. It is suitable for most types of windows and small doors. Wedged packing plates are included for tapered frames. Suitable for outward openin..
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Era 829 Metlock Cockspur Window Handle Lock Era 829 Metlock Cockspur Window Handle Lock
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Brand: Era
Era Metlock utilises a high tensile steel bolt to prevent the handle from moving. To be fitted to Metal type windows 2 bolts supplied and 1 key No drilling or screws required Lock body slides between window handle forks, the key is used to tighten the steel locking pin against the window..
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