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Brand: Bramah
Mortice Deep Deadlock from Bramah Locks which is designed for use on timber doors and made with a hardened case and bolt for attack resistance.Suitable for use with an electric release Bramah locking system To suit timber doors Standard deadlock for doors with a 25mm fire stop Hardene..
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Brand: Bramah
The Kaye 57mm Deadlock by Bramah is designed to manually lock the door from either side using a key. It features a euro profile with a 77mm case.Pierced to accept bolt through furniture Dual profile Allows for mixing and matching of most brands of cylinders and handles When being used w..
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Brand: Bramah
The Kaye 57mm Nightlatch with Snib by Bramah is designed to automatically hold the door closed and locked while allowing immediate escape with handle. It features a euro profile with a 77mm casePierced to accept bolt through furniture Dual profile Allows for mixing and matching of most br..
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Brand: Bramah
Bramah MD27 for Wooden DoorsMechanism: 7 Sliders Case Size: 60mm Case Finish: Nickel Brass Forend Finish: Nickel Keys Supplied: 2 Backset: 40mm Case Height: 82mm Forend Length: 234mm Forend Width: 25mmStandard deadlock for doors with 12.5mm (1/2") stop.Deadlock is lo..
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Brand: Bramah
Ideal for narrow stile metal doors - retail shops etc.Mechanism: 7 Sliders Case Size: 43mm Case Finish: Nickel Brass Forend Finish: Nickel Keys Supplied: 2 Backset: 22mm Case Height: 121mm Forend Length: 170mm Forend Width: 25mmDeadbolt is locked or unlocked by key from ..
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Brand: Bramah
Rola R1 Sash StopsFinish: Nickle Plated or Polished Brass Sizes: R1/01, R1/02 and R1/03 19mm x 16mm Diameter - R1/04 and R1/05 31mm x 16mm Keys: Sold SeparateOPTIONS:R1/01 - 2 Locks & 2 Inserts - Polished Brass - Length 19mm R1/01 - 2 Locks & 2 Insert..
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Brand: Bramah
Lock is secured and released by use of the key which turns a threaded socket screw into an insert located in the stile.Suitable for outward opening hinged windowsSupplied c/w security screwsKeys supplied separately see related products..
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Brand: Bramah
Locking is by means of a threaded bolt screwed in to clamp window and frame together. Rola Metal Window Lock Finish: Nickel Size: 15mm x 15mm Diameter Keys: Sold Seperate..
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Brand: Bramah
Non-locking Egress Sash Stops from the Bramah Rola range, designed to stop sash windows opening past each other and also to allow for ventilation. These stops are available in a variety of finishes and they are 31mm to accommodate for windows with wide gaps or tapered lower halves.Supplied wi..
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Brand: Bramah
`T` shaped Allen key fitting tool for fastening Rola sash stop threaded inserts.Fitting tool to suit Rola sash stop threaded inserts `T` handle Allen key Hexagonal blade..
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Brand: Bramah
Extra threaded inserts from the Bramah Rola Sash range to suit Rola sash stops. Threaded inserts to suit Rola sash stops..
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Brand: Bramah
Ideal for use on shop fronts, patios and closets, these narrow style hookbolt mechanism sliding door locks from Bramah are a robust and reliable choice of deadlock with a large hookbolt, hardened case and hardened internal components for superior durability.Supplied with 2C37 key Hookbolt ..
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