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Lockout Padlock Cabinet

Allow for the storage of Lockout Tagout padlocks

Brand: Asec
This mini red padlock station from Asec has a strong, powder coated metal construction and is able to store up to 12 padlocks. It is ideal for the storage and display of lockout safety padlocks, please note that padlocks are sold separately. Padlocks sold separately Holds up to 12 p..
Ex Tax:£20.00
Brand: Asec
These durable, hard-wearing polypropylene tags are designed to be used with a lockout device to provide information regarding the lockout procedure, with space for adding written detail and printed using highly visible UV-resistant inks. Pack of 10 Designed to be used with a lockout..
Ex Tax:£13.00
Brand: Asec
This red padlock cabinet from Asec has a strong, powder coated steel construction, featuring 28 interior prongs to allow for the storage of up to 56 padlocks (with 2 per prong). The unit is wall-mountable and easy to install, with all fixings supplied and 3 keys included as standard. Fixings i..
Ex Tax:£136.69
Brand: Asec
This non-conductive lockout hasp from Asec is made from a strong but flexible reinforced nylon, with a 6mm thread thickness, making it ideal for difficult to reach or narrow applications as it can be easily manipulated into the required position. It will accept up to 6 padlocks with an 80mm clearanc..
Ex Tax:£6.80
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