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Cabinet Handles

Large Handle 1602 Garage Locking Cam Lock, LF 1605 Locking Knob, LF 1650 Flush Handle, Lowe and Fletcher 1601 and 1618 Small T Garage Door Handle, Lowe and Fletcher 1638 Large T Garage Door Handle

1602 Locking HandleHand must be stated when ordering  Used on Filling Cabinets & Garage DoorsSize:Handle Projection: 43mm Plate Height: 58mm Plate Length: 30mm..
Ex Tax:£20.24
This camlocking knob from Lowe & Fletcher is suitable for a range of applicationsBlack Plastic Grip  Square Spinlde on Inside  2 Keys Supplied Body Diameter: 42mm Rose Diameter: 57mm..
Ex Tax:£25.00
1608 Handle supplied c/w caulking camUsed on Cabinets & Garage Doors 1601 Locking Handle Size: See Additional Images Finish: Bright ChromeOptions1601- Square Spindle 1608 - Treaded Spindle..
Ex Tax:£22.00
1638 Garage Locking HandleT" style garage door handle from Lowe & Fletcher with screw fixing. Size: See Additional Images Finish: Bright Chrome Replaces Boot Lock On Many Classic CarsOptions:45mm Spindle 70mm Spindle..
Ex Tax:£27.57
Brand: Ronis
RONIS 23900 Wafer Flush Fitting Square Handle is supplied under the CC Master Key Series in a Black Polymide finish, it is supplied with 2 keys which are removable in both the locked and unlocked positions.CC Key Series 2,000 Key Combinations 24mm Body Length Snap-In Clip Square Face..
Ex Tax:£18.00
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