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Patio Door Accessories

All Round Patio Track, Adams Rite MS1848 Sliding Door Patio Lock Case, Adams Rite Strike Plate 4801, Adjustable Single Wheel Patio Roller, Cisa Oval Hook lock 45010 16NP, Knock In Patio Track, Mila Fearless 4 Hook Keep To Suit Patio Locks, Mila Patio Wheel Inline, Mini Patio Track, Patio End Stop, Patio Roller Tandem Wheels, Snap It Patio Track, Tandem Patio Roller, Weiser 8346 Cylinders, Winlock Patio Bump Stop, Winlock Patio Keep To Suit Winlock Stronghold, Winlock Patio Rollers, Winlock Patio Shoot Bolt Extension, Adams Rite Long Spindle Patio Turn, Cisa Small Oval Double 55mm 27.5 x 27.5, Cisa Small Oval Thumbturn Cylinder 55mm 27.5 x 27.5

Brand: Asec
Easy to install Asec All Round Patio Track. Easy to install Solid metal construction Length: 2.4m Width: 25mm..
Ex Tax:£19.00
Brand: Adams Rite
Suitable for narrow stile sliding patio doors Available in deadlocking or self latching Mfr Ref: MS1848-29 Deadlocking - MS1848-11 Self Latching  OPERATION: Can be operated from either side by any standard bored type cylinder or 1000 series turn OPTION: 4349 ..
Ex Tax:£21.80
Brand: Asec
Multi-fit single wheel Patio RollerFully adjustable zinc carriage.Steel RollersOptions32mm (19mm x 28mm Carriage)38mm (18.5mm x 30mm Carriage)..
Ex Tax:£6.98
Brand: Fuhr
A full length keep to suit Fuhr 4 hook patio locks.Full length keepTo suit Fuhr 4 hook patio locks..
Ex Tax:£13.00
Brand: Mila Hardware
A full length keep to suit the Mila Fearless 4 hook patio door lock.Easy to installKeep to suit Mila Fearless 4 hook patio lockFull length strikeProvides a neat finish..
Ex Tax:£16.00
Brand: Mila Hardware
Suitable for Siegenia Aubi Patio Doors.Length: 58mmHeight: 20mmWidth: 12mmOptions:Nylon WheelsSteel Wheels..
Ex Tax:£17.00
Brand: Asec
Asec Mini Patio Track Easy to install Size: Length: 2.4m Width: 17.5mm..
Ex Tax:£19.00
Brand: Mila Hardware
This Winlock Patio Bump Stop with concealed screw fixings is to be fitted horizontally and is available in a range of finishes.Concealed screw fixingsFitted horizontallyManufactured in the UK..
Ex Tax:£8.00
Brand: Asec
These Tandem Patio Rollers are sold as a pair. Low to High Line Tandem Patio Rollers. This wheel provides an adjustable steel carriage with a pair of 32mm diameter Steel wheels. Height Adjustment can be made from 35mm - 45mm...
Ex Tax:£27.92
Brand: Siegenia
Glider blocks for use with Sigenia tilt and slide patio door gears Top glides for use on sliding patio doors Key supplied seperately Size: Length: 60mm Width: 15mm Height: 12mm These sliders guide the patio door into position. The original usually would have snapped ..
Ex Tax:£10.00
Brand: Asec
Tandem patio roller which is suitable for use on both timber & UPVC profiles and can carry a load per roller of 94Kg. This product has a diameter of 32mm, tandem wheels which are set into a pressed steel carriage and incorporates height adjustment screws in the side of the assembly.Height adjust..
Ex Tax:£7.99
Brand: Asec
Snap-It Patio Track Easy to install Easy to install Solid metal construction Length: 2.4m Width: 14mm..
Ex Tax:£25.30
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