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Brand: Intratone
This Intratone 1 dwelling only package consists of a SC-01 video intercom, a 1 door central unit and a 4G transmission module. It is flush mounted and designed for renovations due to its ease of installation and features an integrated camera and name scroll. Includes 15 year pre-paid data package ..
Ex Tax:£1,327.61
Brand: Intratone
This Intratone SC-02 video intercom package is supplied with the video intercom a 1 door central unit a 4G transmission unit and 15 years pre-paid data for one apartment . It is flush mounted, easy to install and an ideal choice for housing solutions. The unit also features name scroll and an induct..
Ex Tax:£1,464.15
Brand: Intratone
Pre-paid 15 year data pack to suit 35-0001 & 35-0002 packages only. Only suitable as add on purchase for 35-0001 & 35-0002 1 needed for each dwelling 15 year pre-paid data..
Ex Tax:£88.90
Brand: Intratone
The Intratone 2 channel transmitter is compatible with the Intratone range of RF receivers. It is IP54 rated and comes complete with a CR2032 battery. IP54 Rated Supplied with 1 x CR2032 battery 2 Channels Frequency 868Mhz..
Ex Tax:£18.64
Brand: Intratone
The Intratone 4 channel transmitter is an all in one remote control. It is compatible with the Intratone range of RF receivers and can also be used as a key fob for hands free proximity readers. Mifare IP54 Rated Supplied with 1 x CR2032 battery Highly secure and protected against unauth..
Ex Tax:£19.88
Brand: Intratone
The Intratone 06-0129 is designed for real time and remote management of car park access. It is a RF radio receiver kit that comprises 2 parts housed in a single unit. There is the GSM module which stores data locally and can be updated through its GPRS connection and also the built-in RF radio modu..
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Brand: Intratone
These Intratone key fobs allow access protected by a proximity reader. Each fob is unique so any copied devices are instantly recognised. They are available in a range of colours and are sold in singles. Sold in singles Dimensions 41mm x 64mm x 7mm Managed remotely Available in a range o..
Ex Tax:£5.43
Brand: Intratone
The 06-0130-EN is an Intratone Keypad Kit, containing 1 x Coded Keypad & 1 x GSM / GPRS module with integrated RF module and 10 years free data. It supports up to 10,000 remotes/mobile keys and can store up to 80 codes, with remote online management including adding/removing remotes, event loggi..
Ex Tax:£251.50
Brand: Intratone
The Intratone 06-0131-EU proximity reader kit is an easy to use proximity reader system. This kit is suitable for one access point and comes with 10 years free data and syncing. The system enables controlled access which can be remotely configured and programmed via the supplied GSM module, providin..
Ex Tax:£384.68
Brand: Intratone
The Intratone 12-0134 is a surface mounting box to be used with the Intratone SC-01 video intercom. Dimensions 238mm x 126mm x 70mm Enables surface mounting of the intercom unit To suit SC-01 video intercom Finish Silver Gray..
Ex Tax:£140.05
Brand: Intratone
The Intratone 12-0160 is a surface mounting box to be used with the Intratone SC-02 and DD-02 intercom. Dimensions 305.5mm x 155.5mm x 67mm Enables surface mounting of the intercom unit To suit DD-02 & SC-02 video intercom's Finish    Stainless Steel..
Ex Tax:£190.43
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