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Brand: Masterlock
The Master Lock Compact Safe features a fingerprint lock and gas strut to allow for quick access to the safes contents. This small safe is popular for domestic and commerical use and includes an interior tray to help keep your valuables organised. The compact size makes this safe ideal for storing s..
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Brand: Masterlock
MASTER LOCK Excell Combination Padlock With Backup Key has a zinc body with covered dials for maximum weather protection. It features a boron-carbide shackle which is 50% harder than hardened steel ensuring maximum resistance to cutting and sawing. It has a 4 digit combination, with over 10,000 poss..
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Brand: Masterlock
The Master Lock 5425EURD Keysafe can be used to securely store your household keys outdoors for family members, cleaners and gardeners. This weather resistant unit featuers a large, light up 4-dial lock mechanism for easy access. Supplied with necessary fixings, this keysafe is designed to be wall m..
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Brand: Masterlock
ProSeries 1174D is made from corrosion resistant stainless steel with a hardened steel open shackle and it has a shackle seal and dial dust cover to protect components. It features a resettable 4 digit combination, with no special reset tool required to operate it, and there are 10,000 potential com..
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Brand: Masterlock
The Master Lock 2650 Portable PushKey™ Padlock is designed for maximum user friendliness, and is particularly suitable for for use on lockers. The unique "easy-to-use" PushKey™ lock requires no turning or tight gripping, and has an exclusive key guide on the bottom of the padlock, which directs the ..
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Brand: Masterlock
Master Lock 4681 TSA certified Luggage Padlock has a 32mm wide aluminium body with a protective vinyl cover and a steel shackle. As the name indicates, the lock is TSA approved which means that Transportation Security Administration screeners (active on US airports) will be able to open and inspect ..
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Brand: Masterlock
The 5401D Key Safe offers a convenient locking solution that holds up to five house or car keys. It is a great key safe for families with children who may need to enter the house when an adult isn't present, ideal for carers to carry on the home help without getting the client up. Weather-Re..
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Brand: Masterlock
The 5426 EURD from Master Lock is a high security key safe with an extra large internal storage capacity which will accept multiple keys and access cards of all types. Its heavy duty zinc construction with recessed door makes it highly resistant to attacks and it comes with a removable black ABS pla..
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Brand: Masterlock
The Master Lock 5900 Safe Space™ Portable Safe is a unique and leightweight security solution, which offers both portable and practical security for personal belongings. The 5900 has a durable high impact ABS construction to keep valuables safe from theft and damage, and is easy to use when travelli..
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Brand: Masterlock
Master Lock 7641 is a 40mm combination padlock with a key override facility. A 4 digit resettable combination makes it easy to use and the padlock is designed for use on lockers, storage boxes and tool boxes. It comes supplied with 2 override keys and has a 6mm diameter shackle. 4 digit resett..
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Brand: Masterlock
The Master Lock Select Access Bluetooth Key Box is controlled using the Masterlock Vault mobile app (which can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the Apple Store) and Bluetooth connectivity. Using the Masterlock system, access can be shared with other users on either a temporary or permanent..
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Brand: Masterlock
This MASTER LOCK Excell Discus Combination Padlock has a stainless steel body for maximum strength and weather resistance. It features a boron-carbide shackle which is 50% harder than hardened steel, and a fully shrouded shackle ensuring minimum exposure, providing protection against bolt cutting at..
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