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Locinox NV

Brand: Locinox NV
The Locinox 3006 Push Pad Handle Set is adaptable on all surface mounted Locinox locks with an aluminium U-lock box, replacing the handle for quick, easy and convenient access. The push pad is blinded on the reverse side and is simple to fit to either new or existing gate locks. Suitable for L..
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Brand: Locinox NV
The Locinox 3006PAD is a rounded corner handle set which allows a choice of three operational configurations - one side rotatable and one side fixed, both sides fixed or both sides rotatable. The set has 92mm centres and comes supplied with fixing bolts suitable for profiles between 37mm and 65mm. ..
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Brand: Locinox NV
The LOCINOX 3012 Dummy Cylinder is a blind cylinder compatible with the Locinox Push Pad Handle and prevents the lock from being locked down. Using this blind cylinder to disable the deadbolt locking action allows for convenient panic gate accessibility. Suitable for use with Locinox Push Pad ..
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Brand: Locinox NV
Locinox 3015MS Spanner is manufactured to suit Locinox Gate Locks and is required to bolt the lock to the gate. Required to bolt the lock to the gate To suit Locinox Gate Locks..
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Brand: Locinox NV
The Locinox 3DW is a vandal proof hinge designed for wooden gates. This hinge can be adjusted three ways - height, left/right alignment and swing direction. Available in a choice of galvanized steel or stainless steel hinge arms it offers 180 degree opening and is suitable for both left or right tur..
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Brand: Locinox NV
The Locinox 4DW A2 is a vandal proof hinge designed for wooden gates. This stainless steel hinge can be adjusted in four dimensions, and can also be adjusted after installing the hinge - enabling you to keep the gate perfectly aligned. Available in a choice of 300mm, 400m or 500mm hinge arms it offe..
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Brand: Locinox NV
Manufactured from stainless steel these replacement Locinox dead bolt ends are available in different sizes to suit the size of lock. 4 lengths available - 13mm, 15mm, 26mm or 46mm Complete with 2 screws Deadbolt ends Stainless steel..
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Brand: Locinox NV
Locinox Drop Bolt VSF features a hot-dip galvanised pin with an aluminium head block and housing. It has a 140mm throw an 100mm height adjustability of the dropbolt and is suitable for gate profiles of 40mm or more, locking itself between the wings of the gate. The patented Quick-Fix fittings ens..
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Brand: Locinox NV
Locinox Emissa Electric Gate Strike for swing gates. Equipped with a double blocking system, it supports 500kg pulling force with a strong and user friendly design. It is easily reversible for both left handed and right handed gate applications and is suitable for metal and wood gates with profiles ..
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Brand: Locinox NV
The Locinox Fortima QF is a magnetic child-safe gate latch which ensures safety and security for single leaf gates. Internal leverage allows for smooth opening and closing, thanks to it's strong magnetic force, and it is suitable for both left or right hand gates. There is full adjustability vertica..
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Brand: Locinox NV
Locinox Vinci Surface Mounted Mechanical Code Gate Lock features a fully mechanical code panel on one side and free access on the other side, with no batteries or electric required. The stainless steel mechanism has aluminium housing and a polyamide rain and dust cover, with an ISO 9227 KTL / E-coat..
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Brand: Locinox NV
This Locinox H-Compact insert lock is designed for metal sliding gates with a minimum box section of 60mm. It is ideal for both manual and automated gates as the no handle design allows sliding gates to open and close without latching. The gate can be deadlocked as necessary with the stainless steel..
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