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Brand: Alpro
The Alpro Vortex AL2400-LP compact surface door magnet is a unique electromagnetic door magnet with patented inbuilt technology ensuring improved performance and reliability and a real alternative to standard face to face magnets. Complete with a conical aperture to receive a strong alloy pin the un..
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Brand: Alpro
The Alpro EMS1200 compact shearlock magnet is available in mortice or surface mount models and offer slimline dimensions whilst maintaining high physical security. Independently tested to 500,000 cycles, the compact size combined with 1200kg of proven shear holding force makes this co..
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Brand: Alpro
A two part surface housing set designed to be used with the Alpro solenoid bolts. One part for the lock body the other part for the armature/keeper Supplied as 1 pair For DB25 and EB250 Solinoid Bolts Options: To Suit EB250 To Suit DB25..
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Brand: Alpro
​Flushbolts are used to facilitate the locking of the inactive leaf of a pair of aluminium, steel or timber doors. Complete with the necessary flushbolt guide and optional spring loaded floor sockets, the flushbolts allow both a secure and aesthetically pleasing locking solution. Flat or radiu..
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Brand: Alpro
Round mortice cylinder deadlocks provide security deadlocking for a variety of aluminium doors including swinging and sliding applications. The bolt is constructed from stainless steel with a 5 ply laminated construction, and hardened centre core case, complete with hardened roll pin to resist hacks..
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Brand: Alpro
Fixing kit to suit the Alpro 5245 deadlatch. To suit the Alpro 5245 deadlatch..
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Brand: Alpro
Alpro waterproof keypad is a simple to install and user friendly. These aesthetically designed and vandal resistant keypad are suitable for up to 200 users.  This waterproof keypad is slim and secure and uses solid state Piezo technology so there are no moving parts and are manufactured to h..
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Brand: Alpro
The Alpro AL110 electric strikes are ANSI style electric strikes complete with stainless steel short or long faceplates for use in metal or timber door applications. This AL110 electric strikes are 12/24v selectable with a stainless steel faceplate & striker and a holding force o..
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Brand: Alpro
Long Lip extensions to suit Alpro AL110 Series 12V-24V DC Mortice Release 25 or 50mm..
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Brand: Alpro
The ALPRO ALP200H-YD30 Electronic Side Load Lock is designed for 180º swing doors. Also known as the Cobalt it is a revolutionary low voltage motor driven electronic lock. The lock has 2 10mm thick stainless steel bolt pins. There is a really useful automatic misalignment adjustment of +/- 8mm. The ..
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Brand: Alpro
The ALPRO ALP210S-YD30M Electronic Mini Side Load Lock is designed for 90º swing doors. Also known as the Cobalt Mini it is a revolutionary low voltage motor driven electronic lock. Due to its small footprint it can be easily installed in most locations and has a really useful automatic misalignment..
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Brand: Alpro
The Alpro DB25 incorporates the latest design innovations to be applied to the manufacture of a transverse action Deadlocking Solenoid Bolt. This Ultra-slim design enables fixing into very narrow sections whilst an advanced microprocessor module provides power reduction allowing for continuous op..
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