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Brand: Sure24
An easy to install dummy internal camera to help deter intruders. Designed for internal use Supplied with batteries and swivel wall mounting bracket Dummy camera to deter intruders Easy to install Extremely realistic finish with flashing LED..
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Brand: Sure24
SureGuard SGGFT Torch Alarm incorporates a strobe effect independent torch with the 140+ dB alarm, and is supplied with the battery fitted. This sturdy, robust alarm includes a key ring attachment to secure unit to handbag/luggage for protection against mugging. A spring-loaded clip ensures that the..
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Brand: Sure24
The SURE DriMark Money Checker Pen is an invaluable tool for checking the authenticity of paper currency. Simply mark the edge of the note and if the mark is yellow and fades the currency is authentic, if the mark goes dark then it is suspicious. Mark currency -Yellow/clear means currency is g..
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Brand: Sure24
The SureGuard Elite Cordless Personal Attack Alarm is a revelation in design and engineering. It is the first of its kind, unlike conventional Personal Attack Alarms there is no pull cord. Why is this important? BY removing the pull cord and using an altertive method of activating the personal ..
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