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Brand: Ferco
Ferco Latch Keeps from R & R Security Non Handed latch Keep For UPVC  External Keep Size 85mm Long x 25mm Wide Internal Keep Size 38mm Long x 11mm Wide Fixing Centres 72mm..
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Brand: Ferco
A Ferco lever operated single spindle latch only gearbox with 70mm centres. Euro profile lock case 16mm faceplate Latch only Single spindle Size: Case Height: 200mm Case Width: 42mm Centres: 70mm Backset: 28mm Faceplate Width: 16mm..
Ex Tax:£60.00
Brand: Ferco
A single spindle, latch only multipoint lock with 4 rollers and 70mm centres Euro profile lock case A - Lift lever to engage locking mechanisms and then one full turn of the cylinder to lock. One full turn of the key then push down on the lever to unlock 16mm Faceplate Single Spindle L..
Ex Tax:£66.02
Brand: Ferco
The FERCO lever operated multipoint lock with 1 deadbolt and 2 roller bolts is usually used in Munster Joinery applications. 16mm Faceplate Often used on Munster Joinery Doors Euro Profile Lock Case Latch Only Single Spindle Backset: 35mm Centres: 70mm..
Ex Tax:£51.98
Brand: Ferco
Roller Keeps from R & R Security Roller Keep For UPVC  Length: 85mm Width: 26mm..
Ex Tax:£2.25
Brand: Ferco
Tripact 1 piece, latch, deadbolt and 2 small hooks OPERATION  Lift Lever ADDITIONAL INFORMATION This version replaces original latch only design with the centre bar running behind the faceplate Distance between hooks - 1765mm Backset: 40 or 50mm LATCH REVERSAL..
Ex Tax:£66.69
Brand: Ferco
Enables you to legally and safely hold fire doors open, by allowing the door to close when the fire alarm sounds preventing the spread of fire and smoke. Wireless unit with fail-to-safe technology Improves access throughout buildings in line with the Equality Act 2010 Installed onto the bo..
Ex Tax:£105.00
Brand: Ferco
Latch and Bolt Keep for Timber  External Keep Size 175mm Long x 32mm Wide x 2mm Depth Fixing Centres 145mm Top To Bottem Size of Latch Keep 37mm X 15mm Size of Deadbolt Keep 55mm X 10mm  Make: GU Ferco Manufacture Ref: E13338 Notes Universal Latch And Deadbolt..
Ex Tax:£3.01
Brand: Ferco
Ferco Hook & Deadbolt Keeps from R & R Security Non Handed Keep For UPVC  External Keep Size 95mm Long x 20mm Wide Internal Keep Size 40mm Long x 12mm Wide Fixing Centres 72mm..
Ex Tax:£5.32
Brand: Ferco
Ferco Center Keep from R & R Security Centre Door Keep For UPVC Doors Size 225mm Long x 33mm Wide x 6MM Minimum Distance Between Latch And Deadbolt 30MM Fixing Centres 215MM Size oF Latch Keep 45mm x14mm Size of Deadbolt Keep 66mm x 10mm Adjustable Latch Stike Left and Right ..
Ex Tax:£10.99
Brand: Ferco
GU Ferco deadbolt keep for most style of multi-point lock systems External size  high 113mm x width 30mm depth 32mm Internal keep size high 37mm x width 10mm Fixing centres 102mm Not handed..
Ex Tax:£6.73
Brand: Ferco
GU Mushroom keep for most style of multi-point lock systems External size  high 82mm x width 30mm depth 8mm Internal keep size high 47mm x width 17mm Fixing centres 68mm Not handed..
Ex Tax:£2.55
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